Once again, we spent Thanksgiving over at my mom’s house with all of the Wilson family and other friends.  Each year it seems that more and more people are added to the list of invitees.  We truly believe in the saying, “The more the merrier”, and it would be hard to think that we could even get anymore merrier.  :)

The day is filled with all of the usual American traditions:  turkey, excessive amounts of food, family, socializing, and football.  The kids all play on the trampoline, the bounce house and run around the yard.  It is a great time for all of the cousins to see each other.  Although Brad and Mary live in Charlotte, we don’t get to see them very often (they live a whopping 25 minutes away). Here are a few pictures of the festivities…..

This is part of the family getting ready to dig in!  We named a few of the many things that we are thankful for: family, health, new baby of the way for Brad and Mary, etc.

Julie, Grace, Maddie and Faith…

This year my Great Aunt Ann and her family joined us for thanksgiving. I haven’t seen her since my wedding and I don’t ever remember meeting her son and his family.  After lunch, some family pulled out old pictures of our relatives from long ago. Ann helped identify everyone while doug entered it all into We are all fascinated by our heritage and this really helped us to put it in order. 

David, Aunt Ann, Alan, me, Steve, doug and Lisa. 

Another successful and happy thanksgiving.  I am so blessed to have such a loving and supportive family. We all love each other and enjoy getting together. It isn’t a thing we dread, but something that we all look forward to each year. Thank you Lord for such a blessing. 

What a weekend!

There are two aspects to this weekend that need acknowledgment:

1.  The boys went to Maryland with my parents for the weekend. Easiest weekend ever!!  All weekend Tom kept saying, “This is what it would be like to have one kid. So simple and quiet.”  It was weird not having three kids in the house, but so easy. Did I mention that it was easy?  We also had the realization that we should cut ourselves some slack when we are tired or stressed out. Life is hard with three young kids and we need to recognize that more often. We have forgotten what life was like before kids:  easy. 

2.  Faith had a slumber party on Friday night to celebrate her ninth birthday. We had ten girls over for crafts, a piñata, pizza and cake. Six of them slept over. It is amazing how well little girls can get along, be polite, and entertain themselves for hours. It was the exact opposite of Wilson’s Nerf Gun party a few weeks ago. Haha. I loved seeing the excitement that Faith had in planning this party and celebrating with her friends.  I would have another slumber party anytime. Of course, we did it the easy way – pizza for dinner, ice cream cake, and I bought Lucky Charma for breakfast so that I didn’t have to cook. Brilliant move on my part. What kid doesn’t like Lucky Charms?  Here are some pictures of Faith and her friends doing crafts, piñata, and having a dance party/contest….

Homeschool Retreat, Asheville

Months ago I felt the Lord telling me to go to a homeschool retreat in Asheville.  I saw the information about it on a Charlotte Facebook page that I subscribe to.  I only saw the information once, but it plagued me and I eventually had to do some research to find the information again.  I knew that I had to go to this retreat.  I didn’t know anyone else going, but I knew that I needed to be encouraged and meet other homeschool moms like myself.

The weekend finally arrived and it more than met my expectations.  A fellow homeschooler, named Heidi St.John, who of course has seven children, led the weekend.  She was very funny, very real, and preached Jesus all weekend.  I loved her!  I realized that almost all other homeschool families are crazy like we are, have complaining kids, switch curriculums, threaten to send their kids back to school, and pray daily for God to see them through this time in life.  I shared woes with other moms who understood exactly what I was going through and we could all laugh about it together.  I left with the realization that:

1- I need to read to my kids more.  Wilson loves to be read to and if that is all we get done somedays, then so be it.  They will be fine.

2 – I need to depend on the Lord more, read His Holy Word, and let God be my guide and strength. I am gotten a bit slack in my Bible studying over the past year or two.  I have done the bare minimum and checked it off my list, but I haven’t truly leaned on the Lord to get me through my days.  The Lord is the one who told me to homeschool and I need to trust that He is going to get me through it.

3 – My main job is to disciple my kids.  They will learn to read, write and do math.  That will happen, but will they learn to trust Jesus as their Lord and Savior?  Will they know that I lean on the Lord?  The verse…….came up a few times over the weekend and it was very convicting.  If the student becomes like the teacher then am I being the teacher that I want them to become?  Right now,no.  I am yelling too much and understanding too little.  I kept the kids at home so that I could enjoy them more, but I am beginning to enjoy them less.  It isn’t all their fault, some of it is mine.

4 – I need to scrap some of the curriculum I have and combine efforts in order to get more subjects into one lesson.  ex. copy scripture which helps with spelling, handwriting, and their Bible memory verse for CBS.

Sea Life Aquarium

Did you know that there is an aquarium at Concord Mills?  Well, there is. Last month I found out that they were going to have a homeschool week with discounted prices so I put it on our calendar for our first field trip.  In preparation for our trip we studied marine animals for a few weeks. It was best part of our homeschool for two weeks. We all really enjoyed learning about sharks, sea horses, sting rays, eels and other fish. Wilson, in particular, really  enjoyed having me read to him each day. I leaned a lot about how he learns through this study. We will have to do more focused learning like this one. 

The aquarium is small but was enough to entertain us for a few hours. The best part was seeing the kids excitement when they saw a fish that we had studied before hand. Their eyes would light up. It was inspiring.  We each had a favorite part of the aquarium. Mine was the giant tank that we could walk through and see sharks, Rays and fish swimming above us. 

Wilson loved the six foot Moray Eel. That was his favorite fish that we studied and he was excited to see it in person. 

Faith liked the tour that went upstairs above the giant tank. She enjoyed seeing the sea tutle and looking down into the water. 

Miller’s favorite part was the moon jelly fish and their corresponding lights.    With the turn of a button the whole tank would change colors and so would the jelly fish. Very cool.  

The aquarium even had a small playground in it which gave the kids a place to run around an me a place to sit down.  The aquarium had a focus on the conservation of sea life, which really hit home with wilson. He was upset that seahorses and Sharks were being killed for sport, soup or medicine. I agree with him.  This trip and our study of fish was good for all of us. I could have fun learning along side of the kids and then we could take a trip that reinforced the learning. It was the perfect homeschool scenario. Now, only if all of our days were this easy and fun…..

Disney World

One of the best parts about homeschooling is that we can go on vacation any time we want.  I have been wanting to take the kids to Disney World for a few years and my wish finally came true (as wishes do at Disney).  I was able to magically get tickets to the princess breakfast at Cinderella’s castle on September 8 so this pretty much dictated when we would take our vacation to Disney.  It turned out to be the absolute perfect time to go to Disney World.  We left for Florida the morning after Labor Day while everyone else was heading to work and to school. We left early that morning and drove all day until we reached our hotel around 5:00pm.  I booked rooms at the Caribbean Beach Resort (which was one of the cheapest hotels that slept 5 people).  It was perfect.  There was a decent pool next to our building, but only a short walk away was the giant resort pool.  We spent the whole first night swimming there and then they showed a movie outside near the pool.  The kids stayed up late every night and were up early the next morning ready to go again.

Because Disney is super expensive and I hate waiting in lines, I decided that our first Disney vacation was plenty long with two days in the park.  Honestly, I don’t know how people do more days than that.  Tom and I walked twelve miles the first day and a eleven the second.  We were wiped out.  Of course, because we were only there two days we were there when the park opened and stayed until they kicked us out each night.  I loved it!  I didn’t think that I would enjoy Disney World as much as I did.  I truly did not want to leave.  It didn’t hurt that we had booked early enough to get free dining (which is available only during sept and oct) and there were zero lines.  And when I say “zero lines”, I literally mean that there were zero lines for 80% of the rides at both Magic Kingdom and Hollywood Studios.  

The main goal for our first was to do some Jedi Training at Hollywood studios. It was totally worth the effort. I was psyched that they got to fight Darth Vader. I think I was more excited to see Darth than they were. In my book, he is the ultimate bad guy. I think I was a bit star struck….

After doing each ride twice, we headed over to the Magic Kingdom for the rest of the day (it was open until 11pm).  We walked our 12 miles, snacked, ate dinner, did more rides, and eventually left completely exhausted at 10:00pm. I couldn’t take another step. Tom even warned the kids not to do anything to set me off. I “was on the edge.” Lol. 

The next morning Faith and I woke up early to go to the Princess Breakfast at Conderella’s castle.  It was adorable. It seriously brought me to tears to see Faith so excited about this and I was so thankful that I could give it to her. (With the Lord’s help, of course.). We met many princesses and got a photo and signature for each. 

The rest of the day was filled with ride, junk food and family fun together.  We watched another light show at Hollywood studios that night and then hit the pool.  It was the vacation the we didn’t want to end. The next day we went to Amelia Island and enjoyed the beach before we headed back home. It was an amazing escape from reality for our family and I would do it again in a heart beat. 

School starts

We have home schooled for one week and it is harder than I thought it would be.  I have been told by other homeschoolers that there are great days and bad days. I can see why. It is hard to motivate your own children to work and to make it as “fun” as a classroom teach would make it. For some reason they do seemingly boring tasks willingly for a school teacher but complain for me. I have to figure out how to plan better and to make the work more fun (according to Faith).  The most difficult part is trying to teach two grade levels. I have I figure out how to teach one child while keeping the other one occupied and productive.  I am currently having one play on the computer for twenty minutes while I work with the other for twenty minutes and then they switch. Or one does handwriting while the other does math and then they switch. I think that once they stop complaining, and we work out a system, it will be better. Miller also starts preschool on Monday which will make it easier as well.  I was going to let him stay home with us but he will have much more fun at school and I will have one less child to entertain during our school  hours. 

One thing that is working well is that the kids get up out of bed in the morning and go straight into the home school room ready to work. I am amazed that they do this, especially wilson.  If we can just figure out how to get the work done then we will be finished before lunch. 

It is definitely an adjustment for everyone, but for me, it is better than rushing around, paying for school tuition, and never seeing the kids. I know that this is what we are supposed to be doing this year and that feels good. God gave me this desire years ago and now I am being given the opportunity to fulfill it. 

Here are some pictures of when things were going well last week:

I personalized their desks that I got on Craigslist by spray painting them. Faith wanted pink and wilson wanted bright blue. They look fantastic….

When the kids got antsy I had them run up and down the stairs five times. They loved it….

The kids all working on the floor while eating snacks for breakfast…

Summer adjustments

At the start of the summer I was so excited to be at home with the kids.  We had no more school, no more work, and all the time in the world to relax and have fun together.  Well, those exciting times lasted about two weeks before reality set in – the kids began to argue, whine, make a mess, and stay up late (which took away from my evening Becca time).   I was talking to Sidney one day when someone asked me, “How is summer, Becca?”.  I answered, “Ugh, the kids keep arguing and driving me crazy.”.  To which Sidney replied, “According to your blog you were really excited to have them home.”  That opened my eyes to the fact that, sadly, our summer honeymoon was over.  I had a few realizations about why this was occurring:

  1.  Miller was being very hard to handle due to the fact that he was having to constantly share me with his siblings.  He and I were inseparable for most of the school year and now we were not the pair that we once were.  Honestly, I was a bit sad about it as well.
  2. The kids were together constantly and were having to get used to their new reality at home.  They were trying to figure out how they each fit into the picture.
  3. Quite frankly, I was getting bored.  We were at home, but what were we really doing all day?  They were swimming, playing, and eating while I was cleaning and doing dishes.  BORING!

I decided that the only way that life was going to be bearable was for me to make some changes.  I began to make the kids help me clean up the house.  There is a Proverb that says, “Many hands make light work.”  Amen!  It only takes fifteen minutes to pick up if everyone helps.  It is also a bit helpful when trash goes into the trashcan and not onto the counter, children.  I also began to spend more time with each child.  If Miller grabbed my hand and led me upstairs to play, then I went.  If Wilson asked me to sword fight, then I took the weapon he handed me and swung it around for ten minutes.  I have been spending quality time with them and it is filling their buckets.  I am still trying to apply the same strategy with Faith, but she doesn’t necessarily ask me to play games or color with her.  She wants time with me out of the house which is more difficult to do, but can be done.  Just yesterday I realized that Faith wants to help me.  In the last few days she helped me put together a lamp, make chicken nuggets, and cook eggs.  She loves to help.  Honestly, if I can get her to do that more often, then I have killed two birds with one stone – help around the house and quality time with my daughter.  :)

I am still a bit bored.  I spend most of my time planning our upcoming Disney trip or looking up home school curriculum.  I can control those things, the future and my children I cannot control. However, things are going much better.  The pendulum has begun to swing the other direction and I am thankful.  I love my kids and I want to enjoy being with them.  Oddly enough, it is sometimes difficult to let go of my own desires and to give the kids what they want – my time and attention. (I say that with a bit of sarcasm and a bit of unfortunate honesty.)  A little bit of attention goes along way….and so does having friends over for them to play with. haha.