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Back to School Night

Tonight we went to Covenant Day School to their Back to School Night. This is where we get to go into the classroom to hear Mrs. Butler talk about what she teaches throughout the year. We were also able to hear her philosophy on teaching. It was neat to see more of her personality as a woman, mom, grandmother and teacher. She started off the night with a prayer. Then she went into how we as parents really need to keep an eye on the things that our kids are watching on TV and playing on the computer. She said to “let them be little as long as possible.” I agree.

Mrs. Butler mostly spoke about how all of the subjects are integrated throughout the day. She explained how the children are taught to sound out the letters and how to print them. She gave is various ideas about how to strengthen their fine motor skills and pencil grip. It was all very interesting and enlightening.

What I liked most, however, was her thoughts on how our children are God’s children. God made them with their own special talents and personality. God knows what their futures will be. She is there to develop their interests and personalities. Most importantly, she is there to teach them that they are children of God and they are special.

That is what I am paying for. Yes, I want Faith to learn to read and write. I also want her to learn to do math and science. But most importantly, I want her to be loved by her teacher and know that she is loved by God. I want her to know that she is special and that God made her exactly like she is….perfect. That is what I want her to learn this year, and every year of her life. Yes, academics are important. They are very important. CDS is a fabulous school with a tough curriculum. But I want her to know most of all that she is loved and that she has been made with a purpose. I want her to grow up knowing that she is special and loved by her heavenly Father.  I tell her this all of the time at home, but it is great to have an entire school of teachers and faculty that feel the same way.

Tom and I have been talking about moving to a different school zone that we don’t have to pay for private school every year. After tonight was over he said, “I am going to be sad if Faith doesn’t come to school here next year.” Me too. If God wants her to be at this school then He will make the funds available every year. I hope He does.

Room Mom

Before Faith started school last week I received an email from the Room Mom Coordinator asking if anyone wanted to volunteer to be the room mom this year.  My first reaction was, “yes”.  After talking with Tom, he said, “No way! Take time to adjust this year.”  The next day I received a phone call from the Room Mom coordinator for the older grades who just happens to be a friend of my Aunt Lisa.  She personally called me to see if I wanted to take the job.  I had to laugh since I had considered it just the day before.  I told her that I would talk to Tom about it.  I kind of felt like God was calling me to this job, especially since I had been personally called by Lori to do it.  I also told Tom that if I was going to continue paying the tuition for CDS then I was going to have to get emotionally involved in this school.  I have already been anxious about paying for next year and we are only three days into this year!

I took the job.  It didn’t sound that difficult and I thought it would be a good way to get involved.  I would like to possibly work at the school later on and this would be a good way to get to know people as well.  I had the Room Mom meeting Friday morning and it was a bit overwhelming. There seems to be so much to plan and do.  I am basically a recruiter.  I am to get the volunteers that are needed throughout the year.  I guess it is a good thing that “recruiting” is one of my gifts.

Nothing like jumping in with both feet!!

Providence Day Football

Once again, today was a busy day. Faith had school in the morning and then she and wilson went to Elliot’s birthday party after lunch. Elliot Drobnick is one of Faith and wilson favorite friends. Faith and Elliot have been friends for years and now Wilson is finally old enough to be his friend too. The party began at the Rock quarry. It was super cool…for the adults.  I didn’t even know we had a rock quarry and there are two in the same area. We could only watch from afar, but it was still cool. After we observed what was going on, we left and went to Elliot’s house for cake, presents and playing. Faith left with me because there was too may boys. Very rowdy.



After the party we went over the Providence Day which is a very nice private school down the street from us.  Tom was going over there to run on the track so we went to meet him.  when we got there we saw that there was a football game an hour later.  The cheerleaders were practicing and the football players were warming up.  the kids loved it!  Wilson watched the players while Faith was enamored by the cheerleaders.  She looked at them like they were Cinderella or movie stars.  She kept saying that she just wanted to give one of them a hug.  We walked around and found two cheerleaders that talked to her, gave her a hug and took a picture with her.  So sweet.



We watched the first quarter of the game and finally had to leave to so that Miller could go to bed and we could all eat dinner.  Faith cried because she wanted to watch the cheerleaders more.  It was a great family outing.  I guess we will have to go watch more high school football games.

Faith’s first day of kindergarten

She did it!  Faith started kindergarten today!  I know that everyone says it, but it is so true, “I can’t believe my baby started kindergarten.”  I didn’t cry this morning.  There were times when I could have cried, but suppressed the urge.  On the way there I prayed out loud for her and that made me cry.  When I saw my friend Lynn and her daughter Velina at school I could have cried.  I also cried when I told Tom about how Lynn and I prayed for our girls and their school after we dropped them off in the classroom.

What makes me sad is that things are changing and will never be the same again.  Faith will grow up so much this year.  She won’t be so dependent upon me and she will be more knowledgeable about the world.   She isn’t my little baby anymore and now it is official.  That is what makes me sad.

After school I picked Faith up from school and she said that “it was fun.”  Sadly she said that she didn’t make any new friends and that she played by herself on the playground.  That part broke my heart, but she seemed to be okay with it.  I told her that she will have plenty of new friends before too long.

I feel very blessed to be able to send her to that school.  The teachers pray for the kids each day and specifically for Faith on Tuesdays.  I am glad that she had fun today and is looking forward to going back tomorrow.  She has already had homework – cutting on the lines.  Tomorrow begins the second day of our new routine and new phase of life.IMG_1624

A Day with Ella and Abigail

Have I mentioned that I love our neighbors across the street? Abigail has become a great friend over the last six months. Ella is now one of Faith and Wilson’s best friends. Miller even loves them and especially loves their dog, Elfie.

Abigail and I decided that it would be fun to take the girls up to Concord Mills and go to the Stride Rite outlet store to get the girls new shoes. Neither of us had been to Concord Mills before. I knew that it was a giant outlet mall, but I had no idea how HUGE it was. As luck would have it, we parked on the opposite side of the mall than the stride rite store (as predicted). Do you know how hard it is to get two six year old girls through a mall that is littered with candy machines, ice cream shops, toy stores and shoe stores? It also has rides and a trampoline thing. It took forever! We just had to keep telling them that they could pick one thing to do after we bought shoes.

As usual, Faith and I took forever to pick out her shoes. We had to debate over which ones fit verses which ones lit up or looked exactly like Ella’s. In the end, we agreed on some sparkly pink sneakers and the shiny, patten leather black mary-janes ( over the more comfortable black mary-janes.) I am already going to return the shiny black ones because they are uncomfortable. Lesson learned…

The mall had a Merry Go round…



After the shopping, the kids played in the front yard.  Wilson and Erik played football while Faith was the cheerleader and Ella was the announcer.  Miller, Abigail and I just watched.







School starts tomorrow

Faith starts kindergarten tomorrow. Today we went to the school with eight other families so that the kids could see the classroom, meet the teachers, and get some instructions for tomorrow. It was great! We followed the paw prints down the hallway and into her classroom. It turns out that the paw prints belonged to Clifford the Big Red Dog. Mrs. Butler and Clifford showed the kids what Clifford’s backpack looked like, how he did his special project, and what his lunches and snacks consisted of. It was a great way for Mrs. Butler to present to the students, and especially to the parents, how things were to be done in her classroom. Most of the parents in this particular class are new to CDS and are putting their first child into kindergarten. It is nice to know that most of us are in the same boat. We will all be a crying mess tomorrow.

Faith enjoyed it. When we first arrived their was coloring to be done, science to be explored, and building supplies to be used. Faith colored and then sat with Mrs. Butler to build something. Her teacher is so sweet and really commands attention from the kids. I wish I could run my house like she probably runs the classroom. I bet her own children were very well behaved and calm…..quite unlike my household. :)

We came home after “school” and worked on Faith’s project. She had to draw pictures about the things she liked to do on a big piece of paper. Then she had to put three things that were examples of what she liked to do in a brown bag. She will present them next week. In the bag she put a crayon because she likes to draw, a Barbie, and a jump rope (although she never jump ropes). I suggested a picture of her family, but I don’t know which will win out in the end.

Her drawing had a playground, a sunny window, and the island from Alan’s on the top.  In the middle are rocks that she climbed on at Alan’s, her as a princess, and a TV.  The bottom has a swimming pool, the ocean and flowers.  These must be her top nine things….


Faith to Uncle Alan’s House

On Saturday afternoon, Faith went with Lisa, Maddie, Will and John to Greensboro. She was invited to go to stay with her cousin Anna who lives on the same property as Alan. Lisa and the kids were already planning to go so we thought it would be a good day for Faith to catch a ride to Greensboro for the night. Lisa thought that it was amazing that Faith would go out of town without her parents for a sleep over. Actually, Faith would go to China if she could go with Will, John and Maddie. They are her preferred playmates any day of the week.

Faith jumped right in the car and off they went. I didn’t hear from anyone until Sunday morning while I was in church. I got a text from Lisa that said ,”Is this ok?” and showed this picture…..




My first thought was, “sure. she has on a life vest.” And then I realized that she was probably talking about the fact that Faith was being canoed around by a nine and ten year old. LOL. I still thought it was fine. Will and John love Faith and take very good care of her. It turns out that they played in the canoe and on the island in the middle of the small lake all day. She had a blast. I was told that they even had lunch on the island. I was always fascinated by that island as a child. I am glad that she could explore it like I always wanted to.

Here are the three of them on the island…



Eventually Faith did make it back to shore to swing with Maddie…



And play with her cousin, Caroline.  My hippie child…