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Dad’s Retirement Sunday

After nineteen years at The Little Church on the Lane my father is finally retired. Yesterday he had his last Sunday as head pastor. It was a wonderful, touching and emotional service.

The day began when Raymond Williams sang a song for him during breakfast at the church. He is quite the musician.

After Sunday school all of my dad’s family began to arrive at the church. He had saved five rows for all of us and they were filled. His four brothers and sisters were there, their families and his mother. The Wilson family is quite large and they are great about celebrating and supporting each other.

During the service the Board gave my dad a card with a monetary gift in it. Then the congregation gave him a long standing ovation. It brought tears to my eyes to see him recognized in such a way. It showed how loved and appreciated he is by his church family.

Dad then gave a great sermon about Jesus. He knew that there were family members who did not believe that Jesus was the Son of God and that He loved them.  Dad wanted to make sure that they were told one last time.

People keep asking me what my favorite part of the day was and I keep telling them two things: the standing ovation and communion.  Communion was done up front this time and it was a great way of my dad serving each person one more time.  He got to individually serve each person.  It was very emotional at times.  I cried just watching some of them come up front, especially Stephanie Nance.  There was a lot of crying and laughing done throughout the day Sunday.

After church we ate. Moravians love to eat!  There was a huge fried chicken dinner downstairs after church.  Everyone was there and a few people gave speeches:  Tom Shelton, Aunt Lisa, Doug, Raymond, and others.  After lunch the Wilson clan drove over to my parents house to socialize for the afternoon.  We talked and laughed all afternoon until it was getting dark.  I was exhausted.  I had spent so much emotional and social energy that I fell asleep at 8:30pm that night.  It was a very memorable day.  I am very proud of my father for the work that he has done and the commitment that he gave to Little Church.   He will be missed, I have no doubt.

Faith’s Princess Party

Faith had her 6th birthday party today.  She wanted it to be at our house and to be a princess party.  I went online to find some party ideas and stole a few from other parties that she had been to.  Faith invited the girls in her kindergarten class and a few from church or the neighborhood.  The girls could dress up like a princess if they wanted.  Faith was Snow White today.  She has so many different dresses that it was difficult for her to choose which one to wear.

I had the party all planned and almost had too many activities.  The party was only an hour and a half and that was the perfect amount of time.  The girls colored their own blank crowns that I found at Michael’s.  Then they were going to decorate cookies, have a tea party, put on makeup, paint their nails, eat cake and open presents.  I think that they were most excited about putting on the makeup.  Some of them ended up looking more like clowns, but they all had a great time.  It worked out perfectly and Faith had a great party!!

Here are some of the girls coloring their crowns….IMG_1707 

After the crowns, the girls put on make up and painted their nails.  As you can see, some have had more practice putting on lipstick than others.  They did pretty well considering the fact that I forgot to give them a mirror….

IMG_1710 IMG_1713

Here are all the princesses from left to right: Jesse, Velina, Maizy, Georgia, Amelia, Faith, Emily, Maddie and Chloe.  Cousin Maddie is in the back…..


The girls decorating their cookies next.  I gave them icing and lots of sprinkles….


Velina thought Maddie was wonderful.  She played with her hair and sat in her lap….


Jesse and Faith….


Emily, Maddie, and Maizy eating their cookies…


The girls had a tea party while they ate their decorated cookies.  Just like a real princess….


Faith’s cousin, Maddie, dressed up as a princess too.  They both looked beautiful.


From left to right:  Amelia, Chloe, Mommy, Faith, Daddy, Maizy, Georgia, Velina and Maddie


Faith getting ready to blow out the candles on her ice cream cake.  yummm!!….



Grandma, Faith and Grandmama….


Miller, Mommy, Grandma, Faith and Grandmama….



The party was a huge success.  For years I have been afraid to have parties at my own house.  I didn’t want to clean it nor did I feel that I had the capacity to entertain little girls for an hour and a half.  I now know that a party at the house is not as difficult as I had imagined.   It also seems that the magic number is 8-10 kids.  Having a party at the house is much less expensive than having it somewhere other than a playground.   I have a feeling that there will be many more little parties at our house in the future.

Happy 6th birthday, Faith!!!  We love you!!


“Weened?” you ask. “Who could she be weening?  She had a baby almost two years ago!”

I know! I know!  It is terrible that I am just now officially weening Miller.  I tried to do it this past February when I went out of town for five days, but when I got back he went right back to it.  I tried again this summer when I left for three days, but no such luck!  I even let him cry a few times before bed but he just screamed for twenty minutes.  I felt too bad for him and couldn’t go through with it.

I really continued to breast feed out of convenience.  It is so easy to get him to go to sleep when he nurses.  He just settles down and knows that it is time for bed.  If he wakes up in the middle of the night I would let him nurse for a minute or two and then he dove right back into his crib.  Well, not anymore.  I put him down for his nap at my mom’s the other day and he didn’t even ask for it.  That night before bed he asked for it, he calls it “night-night”, but I said, “No.  Night-night is all done.”  He took it like a man and went to bed.  Of course, he still asks for it and pitched a total fit last night, but he is getting the picture.  It has been two days now and I can tell that it is going to stick.

Finally!  My body is all mine again…