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Spring Break

As usual, spring break flew by – it always does.  I had dreams of lying around the house, reading books, finishing the many projects on my list, and spending quiet moments with my kids….none of which happened.  I was completely delusional to think that I would spend my time doing whatever it was that I wanted to do – I have three kids and my two nephews were visiting!  Spring break was fun, and it had it’s relaxing moments, but it was mostly filled with entertaining children and being busy with life.  Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed it, but it was exhausting! (Although, not as exhausting as our usual daily life.) I do have to admit that Tom and I did get two nights free from the kids.  We didn’t do anything too exciting – one night we took a field trip together to the liquor store to buy some good tequila and another we had a Yolanda over for dinner. Yes, we are totally old and boring, but we are completely comfortable with that!

Doug’s two boys, Gabriel and Shepherd, were brought down to Charlotte by my parents on Easter Sunday.  They spent Sunday night and Wednesday night with us, as well as, Tuesday and Thursday day.  As many of you know, it is actually easier to care for five children than it is to care for three children.  Gabriel and Shepherd entertained Faith, Wilson and Miller more than I ever could have.  The cousins love each other so much and I am truly blessed, and surprised, that Doug and I had our boys within months of each other.  The five kids can play together so well.  It doesn’t matter who is paired up together, they all seem to get along rather well. (However, we have definitely noticed the “alpha males” butting heads on occasion.  Two boys are less than four months apart which can tend to spur on competition.)

What did they do for five days?, you ask.  They went to a new playground, they fished, they had sleepovers, they slept in a tent in my parents’ backyard, they jumped on the trampoline for countless hours, they went to Lazy Five Ranch for an entire day, they jumped on the trampoline, they rode bikes, they jumped on the trampoline, they watched movies, they stayed up late and woke up early, and they jumped on the trampoline some more.  I think that my dad is going to sleep for a week after this spring break.

Here are some pictures of the fun that was had….

Wilson caught five fish in one morning….   The kids love jumping with my dad. Check out Wilson…. Faith had to warm up to the animals before we put her on an open air wagon with water buffalo and watusi.  The goats came first….

 The kids loved fishing.  Faith caught three fish…..  Shepherd and a pigmy something…  Miller and Gabriel feeding a water baffalo.   Gabriel was determined to feed every type of animal there…. Mom, Grandmama and kids on the wagon ride…..
Faith and Grandmama feeding a water buffalo….
Shepherd, Faith, Me, Wilson, Gabriel and Miller on wagon ride…