Monthly Archives: February 2018

NCSU gymnastics

On Saturday afternoon, Faith, my dad, and I made the trek to Raleigh to see an NC State gymnastics competition. There were four teams competing at the same time, so there was a lot to watch. I really enjoyed the time with my dad and my daughter. We had a lot of great discussions in the car and we enjoyed watching the gymnastics…..we also really enjoyed the DQ ice cream on the way home! ;).

It was interesting to go back to my alma mater and do a little bit of walking around. I kind of felt like the adult that returned to her childhood home only to find that the yard is much smaller then she remembered. At State, everything seemed closer together and smaller than I remembered. It was fun to see the buildings and the places that I lived and walked daily over a half a lifetime ago. Visiting campus the other day reminded me of how young I was when I attended college and how exciting college really was. I wish I could go back now, knowing what I know, and do a few things differently. I definitely would have learned more!!

Faith enjoyed being on the college campus and we are definitely raising us some Wolfpack fans!!

Snow days!

It snowed in Charlotte! We usually only get 1-2 snow days each year, so when it happens, it is a big deal!! We were amazed and exited to get 2-3 inches of snow on Wednesday morning. The kids immediately got dressed and went out to play. Thankfully, we were able to piece together some snow outfits for them. I realized that we need snow boots and better gloves for everyone…cold hands and feet are not fun. We will need them for our ski days that are soon to come. I think that this was the first time that I didn’t go outside and play in the snow with the kids. The kids are finally old enough that they don’t need me to be out there with them so I opted to stay warm inside.

This is miller throwing a snowball at me through the glass door. :)