Beach Vacation in Garden City/Murrells Inlet, SC

We are at the beach this week with my parents and Doug and Jacqueline and their two kids. We have a house right on the beach and it is perfectly suited for three families. My parents rented the Avery cottage in Garden City, NC. It is a big enough house for six adults and five kids. Never a dull moment. The weather has been perfect! The first day we went out onto the beach four times and the kids took four baths. The second day only once. On Tuesday we tried to go to the Huntington State Park. It was kind of a disappointment. There really isn’t much for kids to do. There is a very short board walk on the salt water side and a longer walk, in the sun, across the brackish water side. We only made it part way down the salt water side and then went to look at the “castle”. It was really only an old stone house with nothing in it. Not much for young kids, but we tried and it got us out of the house. That was really the main objective.

We beached it the next day again and then took the kids to the pier to play games and get ice cream. We found that the pier had a much nicer video game place than the one across the street that we went to last year. The one at the pier was nicer, cleaner and air conditioned. We played a bunch of games that you can win tickets. At one point, Wilson spun the wheel and hit the jackpot! Here is a picture of him with all his tickets. Of course we went to buy prizes with our 200 tickets and all they wanted was gum for 4 tickets and Tootsie Rolls for 2 tickets. They had fun winning them.




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