I love my kids!

Being a mother definitely has it’s up and downs, but it is such a wonderful experience. I love my three children so much. Every day I am amazed at what they learn and how sweet they can be. Wilson is growing up so fast and is becoming such a sweet and polite little boy. He surprises me with his “Mommy, can I please…?”. He also amazes me with his growing abilities: He can jump off a three foot wall, climb up a slide, get himself dressed and put on his own shoes. He is 2 1/2 but can do so much. He can also cuddle up in my lap and want me to sleep with him at night. He nuzzles down and hugs me around my neck. I love him!

Faith is such a sweet little girl. Tonight she went to bed with her ballet tights and leotard on. She is always a princess. She also loves quality time with me. Today she was in my lap watching TV while I opened the mail. She looked at me and said, “Hold my hands.” Really this meant, “Quit opening mail and give me attention.” So I did. Then we did puzzles together. She loves quality time. This is why I am going to home school next year. She wants to be home with me and I want to have her at home as long as I can. I don’t know how next year will turn out, but I know that I will be with my daughter and enjoy her company while I can, and while she still wants me. I am hoping to grow our relationship and create a bond that may not exist otherwise. I love her and pray for her constantly. God truly blessed me with a sweet, little girl.

Miller is the cutest baby ever! I just love his squishy little body and his soft cheeks. I kiss his cheeks and neck constantly. I hope that one day he knows how much I kissed him as a baby. I love his bright blue eyes and how he lights up when he sees me smiling at him. He kicks his legs and giggles when I talk to him. There is no love that can match that of a baby to his mother. It amazes me how comfortable and safe he feels with me. It is truly flattering. I love Miller’s sweet, sweet disposition. I prayed that God would give me a sweet baby that would be the peace maker and bring a calm spirit to our family. God delivered!

Each of my children are a gift from God. God told me two years ago that I would have three kids. I had the vision of three kids in the back of my minivan. After Miller was born, I turned around to back out of my parent’s driveway for the first time and I saw my three kids in the back of the van, just as God had shown me. It brought tears to my eyes. I realized right then that God has fulfilled his promise to me: three beautiful children. He gifted me with Faith, Wilson and Miller. They are each so special, smart, talented and loved. I am truly blessed!

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