Thursday at the beach

Tom and I figured out the secret to keeping them on the beach for longer amounts of time: bring food! They get hungry and want to go in to eat. We brought out food and Tom dug them a big hole to play in. We essentially told them that they had to stay out on the beach and have fun whether they liked it or not! Last year someone gave us the wise tip to bring a real, adult shovel. Brilliant! We could easily dig holes for the kids to play in either dry or filled with water. The water is a little chilly in May so sometimes they are cold, but most of the time they don’t even notice the temperature of the water. Once you get used to it, it feels great. The kids have had a blast today. They slid down the “hill” of sand and ran in the surf. Faith is now big enough to go in up to her knees by herself and run down the beach. Our house has a natural boundary on each side of us: a jetty on one side and a row of rocks about 50 yards down. It is perfect for keeping everyone near us. Now that Faith, Wilson and Gabriel are older they can really enjoy the beach and play. Of course, Doug and I play frisbee each day as well. Steve even had the two little boys on the beach with their golf clubs practicing their swings. Gabriel is going to be a little Tiger Woods someday. He really focuses on the ball and can hit it pretty well. I am very thankful that we have this time together as a family. Faith and I had Mommy-Daughter time today as well for a while. Faith wanted to go up to the pier to have ice cream and play games. It was fun to share that time with her. We won a bunch of tickets and bought candy and a Whoopie cushion. The candy was for Faith and the Whoopie Cushion was for me. LOL! I knew that Wilson would enjoy that. Every kid needs to have a Whoopie Cushion! Especially little boys. It came in handy when Wilson woke up grumpy from his nap….instant happiness and laughter.


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