Date night at the beach

Tom and I got a date night last night.  It was nice to go out, relax, and laugh together.  We hadn’t had a date night in a while.  We were all gung-ho at first. Went to a restaurant, sat at the bar and had a cocktail.  Then we went to Bubba’s Love Shack to have a beer and sit in the rocking chairs.  I don’t remember when Tom and I laughed so much together.  While we were sitting there rocking there were fish jumping in the water in front of us.  Tom kept insisting that they were frogs.  We sat and debated whether the jumpers were frogs or fish until Tom said that one of the goats on the island was a horse.  Then I realized that I was arguing with a man who did not even have his glasses on!  It was fish.  We finally asked some guys and they said that the fish were Mullet.  We learned something new.  Then we were off to try a Rum Punch at the shack next door.  Sadly enough, we drank half of it and by 9:00 pm we were having a snack, drinking water, and getting ready to call it quits.  Not the party animals we used to be. 6:00 am comes early these days. Wilson is up before the sun every morning.  Being the morning person that I am, I have the early duty! But napping by 10:00, if I can.  We had fun tonight and am glad that we were able to get away and enjoy each other’s company.

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