Miller, eczema, diets, etc

There are so many things that I could write about everyday. There are the cute things that the kids do, home school decisions, dietary changes, books, etc. Today is about Miller, his eczema, and going gluten free. After miller was born he had really bad gas, and quite honestly, so did I. Something had to be done. I researched some causes and decided it was due to my diet, and because I was breast feeding, Miller had the same diet. I googled it and it said that dairy, wheat, and eggs were the main culprits. I decided to give it a try. I thought I would starve at first because what else is there to eat?! I made it through and discovered that there are lots of gluten free foods these days. I also discovered that the gas and eczema cleared up quickly. Anytime I would cheat, Miller’s face would break out and I would not be very lady like. :).

Gluten was definitely something that my body could no longer handle properly. On the bright side, I dropped the rest of my baby weight within weeks. (That’s what happens when you can’t snack on pretzels and toast all day long.). Anyway, we are three months in and things are going well. Miller’s face occasionally still breaks out (which now may be due to strawberries) but the gas is gone and he looks much better. I glad that I was able to find the source of our discomfort so quickly and that change was possible.

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