Five Free Mornings

Faith and Wilson are going to VBS at Cross and Crown this week (which is where Faith went to school this past year). It has been fabulous! I have had three mornings to myself so far this week. Miller has been with me, but he naps every morning and is easy when he is awake. Monday I taught water aerobics and took a nap. Tuesday morning I made a skirt and did Bible study. Today I did my Bible study, tried to make a skirt (but it didn’t go very well), and then I went to the mall to return something and stroll around. I have had a taste of extended “Becca time” and it has been fun. I love being a mom, but sometimes it is hard to do it all day. Tom keeps trying to encourage me to send the older two to school part-time next year, but I keep thinking about how much it costs and how they will only be little once. I want to be with them as much as I can.

On the flip side, because I had free time in the morning I was able to have the energy to do a lot of fun things in the afternoon with them. On Monday, Faith and I went to see Dr.Simmons and then get ice cream. On Tuesday I took Faith, Wilson and Elliot (Faith’s BFF and neighbor) to the pool at the Y. Today I played “Bob the Builder and Wendy” with Wilson and made muffins with Wilson. Then tonight I played Barbies with Faith in her room before she went to sleep. It has been a very productive and fun week.

Who knows what will be done tomorrow!!


Wilson making muffins

I called out, “Wilson, what are you doing?” He said, “I am being a Daddy.” I went into my room and he had emptied the entire laundry basket onto the floor and was putting on Tom’s shirt, shorts and had the socks on already. Too cute.


"I'm being a daddy."


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