First day of my vacation

Today is the first day of my four day trip to Connecticut. I am flying there so that I can attend my friend, Kristen’s, 40th birthday party. She doesn’t live there currently but it is where she grew up. Her mom is throwing her the party. I have known Kristen since 1995. She and I worked together at our first jobs out of college….making peanuts (not literally). :)

Going on vacation away from the kids is always So bitter sweet. I am sad when I leave them, and they are sad when I leave. Faith had the hardest time separating this morning. After I leave them I feel guilty that I am going somewhere without them to have some fun. I then feel guilty because I am purposefully going somewhere to have fun without them. Then I wonder if I am being selfish and fear that something bad will happen while I am gone: either to me or to them. Arrgghhhhh! How am I supposed to relax and enjoy myself with all of that going on in my head?!? “Mommy Guilt” is a very real and powerful thing.

So far, I am only at the airport. I won’t reach my destination until 5:00pm. Kristen is picking me up at the White Plains, NY airport and we will drive another hour from there.

All guilt aside, I am enjoying myself. I have taken a nap, looked at some beautiful art in the Atlanta airport, and began reading a book that I hadn’t finished since my last vacation in February. So far, so good. The trip will get much more interesting In a few hours. I always say that you could put me in an airplane, fly around for a few hours, and then drop me back home and I would consider that a great vacation. :).