Faith to Uncle Alan’s House

On Saturday afternoon, Faith went with Lisa, Maddie, Will and John to Greensboro. She was invited to go to stay with her cousin Anna who lives on the same property as Alan. Lisa and the kids were already planning to go so we thought it would be a good day for Faith to catch a ride to Greensboro for the night. Lisa thought that it was amazing that Faith would go out of town without her parents for a sleep over. Actually, Faith would go to China if she could go with Will, John and Maddie. They are her preferred playmates any day of the week.

Faith jumped right in the car and off they went. I didn’t hear from anyone until Sunday morning while I was in church. I got a text from Lisa that said ,”Is this ok?” and showed this picture…..




My first thought was, “sure. she has on a life vest.” And then I realized that she was probably talking about the fact that Faith was being canoed around by a nine and ten year old. LOL. I still thought it was fine. Will and John love Faith and take very good care of her. It turns out that they played in the canoe and on the island in the middle of the small lake all day. She had a blast. I was told that they even had lunch on the island. I was always fascinated by that island as a child. I am glad that she could explore it like I always wanted to.

Here are the three of them on the island…



Eventually Faith did make it back to shore to swing with Maddie…



And play with her cousin, Caroline.  My hippie child…


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