Moments to Remember…

Some times I look at the kids and think, “I sure hope I remember this moment and others like it.”  In all reality, I doubt I will.  I will remember some parts of it, but not the details that I find so special.

Tonight I took the kids out to dinner at Chic Fil A.  Chic Fil A is the best fast food restaurant in the south.  They have the best customer service and real chicken nuggets.  They also have a play area at every restaurant.  It is great!  Tom had a lot of work to finish tonight so I made sure that we were out of the house and out of his hair.  We had a great time….as usual.

As I sat and watched the kids play on the outdoor playground, I became very sentimental.  I watched the way that they interacted with each other and laughed together.   Little Miller would laugh and chase after the older two.  When he needed help getting up a big step he would yell, “Faaaaaif.  Up”  Faith would run over and pick him up by his waist and toss him up the big step.  Then they would all slide down the big curvy slide together.  And then do it all again.

I realized that these moments in time are fleeting.  In six months to a year it won’t be like this.  Hopefully, they will all be playing together and having fun, but Miller will be older and more independent.  I love that my kids love each other.  Faith is so nurturing to Miller.  She really loves her little brothers.  Wilson is becoming a helper as well.  He rarely hits Miller back or retaliates in anyway and he looks out for his little brother.  They were just so cute tonight.  I could just sit and watch them and take it all in.

I hope that I always remember how cute they were together.  I want to take mental pictures of them and pray that they never fade.  It makes me cry that these days will pass.  I know that the next phase will be fun and I will feel the same way about those memories.  I guess that is why I have a blog and have put videos up on You Tube:  so that I don’t forget.  Thank goodness for technology.

Here’s to not forgetting!

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