My New Job

For the last month or so I have been contemplating getting a part time job.  We could use the money and with Faith in private school, another income would help.  I have been struggling with where I would work.  I am not qualified to do anything but teach, and I don’t want to do that full time.  I even considered working at Trader Joe’s since it is a fun atmosphere and I spend a ton of money there each month anyway.  I really didn’t feel that God was leading me to apply anywhere so I just waited.  I know that the kids have just started school and that I should enjoy the down time that I now have.  Yes, I love going to Zumba twice a week, reading books while I drink a coffee, and grocery shopping alone, but I am actually getting a bit bored.  I feel like I should be doing more with my time.  My life needs a little more purpose than just hanging out, shopping or cleaning the house.  I felt I needed a little job.

At church a few weeks ago my friend, Sara Clark-Long, told me that she had been diagnosed with Non-Hotchkins Lymphoma.  I was stunned.  She is only 45 years old.  The way that she found out about her disease is amazing and a true testimony to her relationship with the Lord.  (I will tell you about that another day.)  Later on that day a brief thought flew through my head, “I wonder who is going to teach Sara’s class at the church preschool?”.  The thought left as quickly as it came and I never thought about it again.  That is, until the Head Master of the school called me the next day and offered me the job.  I told her that I could only teach on Monday, Wednesday and Friday because I already had childcare for two of those days.  She said that I could bring the boys with me on Friday and they could go to school for free that day.  I told her I would seriously consider it, pray about it, and she let me know what it pays.  Later that day I thought of a dollar amount that I would be willing to work for.   Wouldn’t you know it, Wendy offered me that exact amount plus $85 per month!!!  Isn’t God good?!

I have been to work twice this week and it is easy and fun.  I get to socialize with other women for four hours a day.  I already know a few of them and am getting to know a few more.  The kids are great and Sara has trained them well.  Sara was going to start chemo right away, but has decided to wait until the disease progresses a little more.  Right now she feels great and her doctor believes that she should take advantage of that blessing.  So, as it stands, we now have three adults in the two-yea-old classroom.  How easy!!  This job is a true blessing and I am grateful to have it.