I have a new favorite exercise class:  Zumba!  Sometimes it is called “cardio-dance”, but it is all the same thing.  It is so much fun!  I get to shake my bootie, listen to great music, and get a workout all at the same time.  I tried doing the classes a few years ago, but it never stuck.  I had a hard time going to a loud class and then picking up my loud kids from child watch.  I can now handle both.  For me, it is a class that I really enjoy.  Most of my day is dedicated to children and household chores, this is something that I like and I want to do.  I have decided that if there is something that I really enjoy in life then I need to do it!   It is my “Becca Time”.

Now, you may be thinking that Zumba is only for teenagers and girls in their twenties, but you are wrong!  There are women in the class from ages 15 – 75.  Yep!  There were two women in their seventies in the class shaking their booties and having a great time.  The classes are also packed. I get there early so that I can get a spot up front and so that I can see what the teacher is doing. Some of the ladies have been going for so many years that they all know the dances by heart. There is a lot of repetition within the same song.  If you can pick up on the eight moves and remember the sequence of them then you will do fine.  I attribute my years of cheerleading to my success in Zumba.  I learned at an early age to watch someone doing a move and then imitate her.  That is all you need in Zumba, that and a little rhythm.  I felt completely uncoordinated at first, but after a few classes I was able to get a little better.  I also laugh and say that most of the moves are the same ones from the eighties, they have just made them a little cooler.

Never tried Zumba or Cardio-Dance at your gym?  Try it!  You will have so much fun getting your workout in that you won’t believe that the hour is already over.  I have had to find new classes to attend due to my new job, so now I go at night and on Saturdays.  Too much fun!!

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  1. Nikki

    Addicting isn’t it?! Love Zumba. I miss it terribly now that my schedule has changed. There is nothing more exciting than finding a workout where you don’t watch the clock constantly, one that you actually look forward to.

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