Miller turns two!

My baby is two years old.  I can’t believe it.  I still think of him as a little baby sometimes.  Yesterday as I walked Wilson into preschool a mom was walking up with a four year old, a two year old and an infant.  I looked at her and said, “that was me two years ago.”  We spoke briefly and then parted.  After I got back into the car I started to cry.  I thought about how I was never going to be back in that place again.  I would never have a little baby strapped to my chest while to drug two toddlers along with me.  That phase of life was very difficult, but I loved it.  I loved having a little baby.  I love having my children young and with me.  It made me sad that I will never have a little baby tagging along with me anymore.  From here on they just get older and more independent.  There is a lot of good that comes along with that and I am already experiencing some serious benefits from having older kids, but it is sad to know that I won’t have young kids anymore.  So, I had my five minutes of sadness and reflection of the “good ole days” and then went on with my day and Miller’s birthday.

The afternoon was a bit crazy.  We went to get Wilson and Faith a haircut since I had cut it myself the last time, then to the Dollar Store to get Miller a small gift and some balloons, and finally we went home to bake a cake, pick up the house, and order pizza for dinner.  Since Miller is the third child, he didn’t get much of a birthday celebration.  Maybe he got the right amount and the other two got too much.  I don’t know.   He got the important things:  a present or two, a cake and some pizza, and what every two year old wants:  attention.

Of course I waited until the last minute to order the pizza so it had to be picked up at the place.  I called my mom and asked them to pick up the pizza which meant that they had to pay for it too.  We laughed because I asked them to come over, bring pizza, pay for it and bring my kid a small gift.  Tacky right?!?!  That’s what parents are for!

We ate pizza, had a “circle” cake (which Miller said he wanted), and enjoyed a good laugh around the dinner table.  Miller could even tell you how old he was by the end of the day.  “TWO!”  And yes, he had a mohawk.  Both of the boys did!  It was adorable.  They are looking more and more alike each day.

IMG_1758 IMG_1760 IMG_1765 IMG_1768 IMG_1769 IMG_1773