Wilson’s spring show

Wilson had his spring show at school on Friday night. This was by far the best show that they have had at school. Miss TiLisa out did herself. Now just to be clear, the show was more of a singing performance than a play, but it was really good.

Each class came into the sanctuary to sing as a group. Wilson’s class sang three songs. The theme was Music Through the Decades. First they sang the song by Stills “Every body stop! Hey what’s that sounds very look what’s going down…” Next was “Beat It” by Michael Jackson. This is where Wilson was the star and had his own special part. He and another boy did the moonwalk down the center aisle. It was awesome! He had been practicing at home.  We got it on film but I haven’t loaded it up to YouTube yet.  From where we were standing it really looked as if he were gliding across the ground, just like Michael (although in reality he was really just walking backward).  He did a superb job during the whole performance.  He has really grown up a lot this past year.  At Christmas they sang songs during church and instead of singing, Wilson stood up front, made faces and tried to annoy Faith.  This time he really sang all of the songs and new almost all of the words.  I was vert proud of him.

The final song was Katy Perry’s song, “Roar”.  It has become a new family favorite and is the number one requested song during our family “Dance Parties”.  Even Miller is singing the lyrics. Wilson picks up my phone and turns it on so he can sing all of the words along with Katy.

The show was a huge success and very fun for us all.  I am proud of how grown up Wilson has become.  He has changed so much over this last year.  I guess he has gotten used to having a baby brother and is feeling more secure than ever.  He and Miller have finally started playing together.  Their new favorite activity is wrestling.  Wilson lays on the floor and lets Miller jump on his back and pin him to the floor.  Very entertaining and sweet.  I am sure that we will have many more years of wrestling ahead of us.

Here is Wilson singing.  It is a bit blurry because we had to zoom in order to see him.  Unfortunately we sat on the wrong side of the church.  In real life we could see him just fine.  Hmmmmm….maybe I should have brought my good camera with the new zoom lens that I got for Christmas.


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