beach vacation ends….

After six days of vacation fun, our time at the beach is over.  We have had such a fun and relaxing time together as a large family.  Having six adults to watch over five kids is so much easier than having two adults and three kids.  It was like the “great child shuffle”.  I would be watching three kids, two would leave and then another one would appear.  It happened to everyone all week long.  Tag team parenting.  So much easier. I was even ably to get out of bed each morning at my own leisure instead of being pulled out by one of my children. That was one of the best parts.

You would think that I would blog so much more while on vacation, but I didn’t care to be in front of the computer at all.  I think I checked my phone once a day (not that many people call me anyway).  I read my book, took a nap everyday, and played on the beach all morning and then again in the afternoon.  I ate well, had a cocktail each night, and found time to play with each child separately.  I was also able to go on a date night with my husband.  What I did not do was exercise.  I brought exercise clothes, but in the end decided that I was on vacation and that I was not going to exert any more energy than absolutely necessary.  

Each day I would look out at the ocean and comment on how beautiful it was and what great weather we had.  The kids had an incredibly fun filled vacation.   They got to play with their cousins who are moving to Maryland in two weeks.  They are going to miss them terribly when they leave.  I am glad that they were all able to spend this week together and have these memories to hold them over for a few months until they are reunited for a weekend.

The one thing that Tom and I did laugh about today is how we still seemed to over pack.  This year we only brought three outfits per child, pajamas, and bathing suits.  It was still too much. Miller never put on real clothes all week and Wilson only wore bathing suits and pajamas.  Faith, on the other hand, wore everything that she brought.  :)  Next year everyone is bringing one outfit, pajamas, a jacket and bathing suits….this includes tom and I. We should be able to fit all of our clothes into one tiny suitcase.  That is the beauty of going to the beach….very little is needed for entertainment and warmth.

I took only a few pictures this week. Here are a few of them….