Easy come, easy go

As wonderful as last week was, this week has been as challenging as that week was enjoyable. Tom is in Chicago this week and was supposed to be home Wednesday. Now he won’t be home until Friday night. My wonderful, loving children have become sassy, back talking, and ungrateful. And to top it off, my Grandma died unexpectedly this week. It has not been a very good three days.

Tom being out of town, I can handle. I am somewhat used to it and can find things for us to do in his absence. What I don’t know what to do with is the kids and their bad attitudes. The meaner I become, the worse they act. I actually gave Faith a spanking today because she lied to me twice in two days. My new punishment for them is that they have to clean something. This week Faith has cleaned the bathroom, her room and picked up the living room. I figure I might as well make the punishment something that benefits me. I am not sure how effective it is as a punishment, but I do know that they hate to clean up.

I had the Youngs kids sleep over Tuesday night which was a great distraction and made my life a bit easier. Funny how having five kids here is easier than three.

I am thankful that they were here that night because that is when I received the call that Grandma Madeline had passed away. I was shocked and then very sad. She was 85 years old but no one thought that she would be leaving us anytime soon.  It has definitely made me more distracted and grumpier than usual.  This has also caused me to be on the phone more while I talk and text to figure out the plans for the weekend.  I am sure they didn’t like me on the phone ,kids should be respectful whether I am on the phone or not.  Especially while I am on the phone.  I guess it is similar to when Tom and I are arguing about something.  The kids begin to act out of line so that we will stop the “discussion”.

Today I decided to go against my natural instincts to hide and be grumpy with their behavior and my situation.  I decided to take the kids to the park, play with them and give them the attention that they are probably craving.  As usual, when I joyfully accept my role as mother, maid and caregiver I am happier with my life and my job.  Today it was the same way.  The day went more smoothly , the kids behaved better, and I was a happier Mommy.  I prayed for joy this morning and I put a smile on my face even when I didn’t feel like it.

Now I have three more hours to go until the babysitter arrives and I head out for a girls’ night at the Comedy Zone.  This will be a much needed break.

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  1. Nikki

    Sorry to hear about your Gram, but I loved how you honored her. Next time Tom is in Chicago, come too and bring the kids! We can hang out while the hubbies work. Plenty of space for you at the Calisoff residence.

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