New York City

So many people have been asking me how my trip to New York City was this week. I tagged along on toms business trip and had two full days to myself in the city. Here are some deep thoughts and high notes….

I could have been in any major city in the world. Loud, busy, and lots of dirty store fronts. I saw a US post office and thought “weird. Wonder why there is a US post office here? Oh yeah. I am in NYC. ”

The 9/11 memorial is impressive. Beautiful. It was sad to think that some visitors were tourists, but others were there to honor a family member or friend.

The Water taxi was a brilliant idea! It was cooler on the boat, I could sit down and I could see the city and Statue of Liberty clearly. I also was able to gain a better perspective of the location of the city and it’s surrounding Burroughs. Luckily I had planned ahead and bought a Groupon for the hour boat ride. Go Groupon!




All of the New Yorkers I met were very friendly and helpful.

It was hard for me to sit down relax. There were so many things that I could be doing and seeing. I felt I HAD to do them.

Biking in Central Park was unnecessary. You can only bike on the outer loop, not through the park. The tour bus could have driven me there and I then could have walked from the stop. Live and learn.

The Met was worth the stop and the view from the top was breath taking. I spent about an hour admiring famous painters and their works. I am not big on artifacts but the paintings alway impress me.

I have no idea how people drive through the city. It is crazy and the cars never end. I decided that they don’t get into accidents because they are all driving too slow.

I decided that since I was a seasoned traveler I would try the subway. I walked down to the subway and bought a ticket. It was crazy down there! I went through the turnstile, looked at a map and then asked somewhere what train I should take. I still couldn’t figure out where the heck I was going! I just turned around and walked up to the street again….after finding the right exit. Lol. I would have ended up in Brooklyn.

Although it was a busy two days, I really enjoyed getting to do something fun and unusual. I love to travel and go on adventures. It was exactly what I needed. I hope to go back again soon.