A day at the Lake

We go to a small church here in Charlotte.  We are very thankful that there are three other families that go to our church that have kids the same ages as our children – the Youngs, the Nances and the Warrens.  On Saturday, Jimmy and Kristie invited all of us up to their lake house on Lake Norman.  It was a great day to be outside – a cloudless day and below 90 degrees.

My kids had only swam in a lake once before and I thought that they would be a bit leary of the water, but they jumped right in, even Faith.  It was fun to look out by the dock and see ten children all swimming around in life vests.  Jimmy took us out in the pontoon boat so that we could pull the kids in the tube.  The kids were all young so the adults took a turn with them.  Even little Miller got into the tube with me and loved it.  I was proud of the kids for doing something new and not being scared.

Here are Wilson and Tom in the tube… 

Everyone got a chance to drive boat.  I think that was one of their favorite parts.  Jimmy and Miller….

Jimmy was even brave enough to let some drive without him standing next to them….

Here is the “kids’ table”.  Most of them are in the picture…

 We loved being at the lake and spending the day with some great friends.  We were there for many, many hours talking about kids, church and life.  Jimmy and Kristie were wonderful hosts.  I know that we all hope to do it again sometime very soon!