Quite a week

Sundays are supposed to be a time of rest and preparation, a sabbath.  Last Sunday started out as such, but it quickly went downhill the moment we were told that the buyers of our house backed out.  They simply just changed their minds.   This meant that we couldn’t continue with our plans to buy the next house that we wanted to purchase.  Immediately we started scrambling to come up with ideas that would allow us to keep moving forward with our plans – Do we get a realtor?  Can we buy two houses? Could we rent ours out?  Would the owner be merciful and give us more time? So many unanswered questions and very stressful.  Up to this point things were going so smoothly that this huge speed bump really through me for a loop.  I think I spent most of Tuesday on the porch talking on the phone to my buying realtor, a new finance person, and many other people.  We even met with our new selling realtor Tuesday night.  We know that we want to move and are now motivated enough that we are going to hire a realtor to sell our house (up to this point we have been trying to sell it ourselves).  The stress increased a bit on Wednesday when Tom left town to work for three days.

Thankfully, the kids were amazing!  They played so well together all week.  We had a “stay at home Tuesday” that went so smoothly.  So while I spent the day on the porch, the kids played cooperatively inside.  Faith played with her dolls and Wilson and Miller played with the racetrack.  This summer has given Wilson and Miller a chance to solidify their relationship.  Miller is now old enough to play the games that Wilson wants to play and to cooperate a bit more as well.  Of course, they argue daily, but they play together joyfully  much more than they argue.  For example, I heard them arguing about how to set up the race track and Wilson finally said, “Miller, just let me try it my way and if it doesn’t work then we will try your way. Ok?”  Miller said, “Ok, Wilson.  Good idea.”  And then they went back to playing.  It brings me such joy to hear them getting along and enjoying each others company. They will be lifelong friends and that relationship is being built right now.

The rest of the week went about the same way – the kids played together while I did work intermittently.  I have to say I became a bit more grumpy as the week wore on, but nothing I couldn’t handle.  We spent Thursday afternoon at the pool with Sidney and some other friends.  We didn’t even leave until after 6:00pm, which made for an easy bedtime.

Even with the stress of the week, I thoroughly enjoyed being at home with the kids.  I will miss them terribly when school starts.  Most parents look forward to school starting again, but not me.  I love having them at home with me.  I also love not having to make lunches, do homework and get everyone out the door at by 7:30am.  I will miss summer!

As for the house – stay tuned.  It goes back on the market today and we will see how quickly it sells.  I pray that it will take less than two weeks.  :)