Maddie is 16!

My sweet cousin, Maddie, turned sixteen last weekend.  I can’t believe that she is sixteen.  It seems likes just the other day she was the flower girl at my wedding, but that was ten years ago.  Maddie is such a great teenager.  She seems so much more mature than I was at that age.  She can talk to adults and can see when the other teenagers around her are acting like idiots. She is more of an individual than most teenagers, in my opinion.   And to top it all off, she is beautiful and kind.  Even at her surprise birthday party, she made time for Faith and let her sit with Maddie and her friends.

The party was graciously hosted by some of Aunt Lisa’s friends.  The teenagers swam in the pool and then had a water gun fight that was started by Wilson and Maddie’s friend, Carson.  This was the highlight of Wilson’s week!  He loved the fact that he could squirt teenagers with water and they would try to get him back.  He lives for this stuff!

There was even a candy bar with baggies to fill up.  The kids loved it while I cringed and limited the amount of candy they could get.  Of course, I did let them eat a huge portion of it that night and then more in the morning (although that ended up being a disaster.)   


Happy Sweet 16 Maddie!  We love you!