As usual, my trip to Florida with Sidney and the kids was fabulous.  The drive down was long, but the kids did a great job playing in the car, watching movies and entertaining themselves.  This was our third trip to Deland, Florida to visit Tom and Yibbit Shelton (Sidney’s parents and my second set of parents) at their house.  They are amazing hosts.  They feed us well, give the kids ice cream, make lots of cookies before we get there, let Sidney and I sleep in each morning, and provide lots of entertaining adult conversation for me and Sidney.  I had more adult conversation in those five days than I have had in months.  I loved it!!  I am also very thankful that Tom and Yibbit treat my kids like their own grandchildren.  It must be somewhat difficult to have five kids running around the house, three of which are not blood related to them.  I am touched that they are amazingly kind, giving, and patient with my three children.  Yibbit even had a wet sand fight with all five kids in the ocean.  Eventually I had to go and save her because I knew that my boys would fight to the death.  :)

We spent two days at the beach, one day lazing around the ranch and swimming in the pool, cooked hot dogs over an open fire, ate marshmallows, drank wine each evening, and enjoyed each others’ company.  I can’t wait to go back next year.  (The kids asked numerous times if we would keep doing this until they were in high school.  I hope so.)

I fought to get this picture taken.  Worth the effort…

Wilson buried…

Yibbit burying the kids.  Eventually she dumped buckets of water on their heads….

A bit of Mommy and Wilson time….


The car ride down to Florida.  Totally entertaining….

Almost there…..

Love my sweet family….

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