This year, Halloween was a little bit different than it has been in years past.  Tom and I had a meeting that we HAD to attend and so we were unable to take the kids trick-or-treating this year.  We let each of the kids pick where they wanted to go for Halloween, and of course, they each picked a different house!  It took a bit of driving around town, but it worked out, thanks to my parents doing the driving.

Wilson went trick-or-treating with the Youngs, Miller went with the Rotherts and Faith went with her friend, Presley.  They all had a great time and came home with more candy than I have ever seen them get.  We have all bought some of their candy from them and they still have pounds of it!

Faith as Evie from Descendants and Presley the Angel….IMG_3484

Wilson the pirate and Jesse is Dorothy…..IMG_1819

Miller is a ninja and I assume that is Hudson as a transformer…..haha…..


Wilson with his favorite funny face…which makes me laugh….


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