Enjoy the Moments

I must start out this post by saying that I have become the worst blogger and documenter of our family!  I have not posted since mid-February.  Mid-February!!  That just goes to prove how fast time flies by.  I have been taking pictures of our lives and saying, “I need to make sure that I write about this.”  Sadly, however, the time just never presents itself for me to write about anything.  I have been busy homeschooling three kids, trying to keep my house somewhat clean, constantly driving kids around town, and blah, blah, blah….I am vowing, here and now, that I will post something once a week.  I may even go back in time and catch up on a few events.  (A lot of big stuff has happened this week.)

Today, however, a big event happened to me personally.  It was so impactful that I started to cry tears of joy in the kitchen.  I have been praying that I would start to enjoy my children more.  That I wouldn’t be so focused on “getting school done” that I would lose the fun of homeschooling.  Sometimes, I fear that my kids will get behind in school and I forget the whole reason that I homeschool in the first place – to enjoy my children!  Yesterday, I started to mend my relationship with Faith.  Yes, mend.  She and I have had a rough time lately and I realized that I am mostly to blame.  I don’t respond with a kind voice and patience most of the time.  I get frustrated with her and it shows.  Yesterday, I responded with kindness, even when she lied to me and messed up.  I forgave her like the Lord forgives me.  I responded with love.

Today, Miller and I had some “Mommy-Miller time”, as we like to call it.  I let him choose what we would do since we had the morning alone together.  First we played frisbee in the yard, which is always fun.  Then Miller decided that he wanted to bake cookies  Believe it or not, I followed the whole recipe and even put in a half a cup of sugar and the entire stick of butter! As we baked and had fun together, I began to cry because I realized that my prayer to enjoy my child was being answered.  I wasn’t worrying about math or spelling lists, I was having fun with Miller.  The song, “You’re a good, good Father” came on the radio and it reminded me of what a great God we have.  He gives me the patience and the guidance that I need to make good decisions and gave me the time that I needed with my son.  What a role-model I have!  The Lord loves us unconditionally, loves with patience, forgives, and doesn’t keep record of wrongs.  He delights in us!  That is how I want to treat my kids and how I want them to see me.

I am so thankful for the beautiful day that I had with my kids.  We played outside, baked cookies, swung on the swing, and did a bit of school work.  It was a day to remember and to try to achieve everyday.

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