Taylor Swift

I had been considering taking Faith to the Taylor Swift concert in Atlanta next month. I looked into buying tickets and they were super expensive. This is problematic because I am at the age now when I refuse to buy nose bleed tickets. If I am going to go to a concert, I want to actually see the singer and not watch it on a big screen, hence the expensive ticket price. I decided that T.swift may not happen at all for us this summer. Then I realized, on July 9, that she was playing in DC on July 10 and that tickets were much cheaper because people were trying to get rid of their tickets.

I decided that we HAD to go! Within an hour and a half, I had arranged child care for the boys, packed up our stuff, called my brother to let him know that we were on our way to his house, and hit the road with Faith for our seven hour road trip. I was so excited!! I was excited to give this gift to Faith and to experience it with her.

We made it to Doug’s house in record time (it is amazing how quickly we could travel with only two of us in the car and only one 15 minute stop). We saw Doug and Erin for two hours that night, which was very nice. The next morning Faith and I woke up and saw a little bit of Washington DC before the concert. Our tickets were fantastic!

Here we are before the concert….

We took a picture of all of the people behind us!

The show had fireworks! What an amazing first concert for Faith. Of course, she had nothing to compare it to and had no idea what a great first concert it was. We had such fun together and I am so thankful that we could share this memory. I almost cried twice during the show because seeing her sing the songs and smile constantly truly brought me joy. I am very blessed to have such a wonderful and fun daughter.

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