I love you more than….

Wilson has started saying, “Mommy?”.

He waits for me to answer and then says,”I love you”.

Tonight he told me, “Mommy, I love you more than ice cream.”.

I told him I loved home more than chocolate.

He said, “I love you more than Popsicles”.

I responded with how I loved him more than sleep.

He continued to name off numerous things that he loved me more than (which were all quite the compliment): the ocean, jumping in the waves, his cozy blanket, and bad guys (one of his all time favorites).

I loved it because he told me all of his favorite things and then told me how he loved me more than them. It really took some thought on his part. He is just as sweet as he is hilarious.

He and I spent some quality time outside today playing kickball. I would roll the ball to him and he would kick it. He did awesome. He is going to be a fabulous athlete. Definitely a lefty. Hits right, kicks left and writes left.