Fall Fun!

The leaves have been falling very quickly this past week. Our backyard is all trees and so it doesn’t take long to accumulate enough leaves for a great, big jumping pile. I helped the kids rake the leaves and they jumped right in. I even got Miller into the pile. Faith kept throwing leaves on him and he just smiled and loved it.

Of course I had to run into the house, grab the “good camera”, and get some shots.



Faith had so much fun lying in the leaves so that only her face was showing.  She thought that they tickled her neck and face so she kept laughing and doing it again.






After the leaves had lost their excitement the kids came up to the newly cleaned off deck to play. Miller is finally old enough to enjoy the Cozy Coup Car. Faith kept picking him up, putting him in the car, and pushing him around the deck. Miller loved it! She was pushing him pretty fast but he held on and enjoyed the ride.