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Sardis Park Playdate

We have so many great friends here in Charlotte and most of them have kids that are the same age as ours. That makes it even more special. Yesterday we went to Sardis park to meet up with the Berkes, the TenBroecks and the Youngs. Emily Berke is one of Faith’s best friends and they hadn’t been able to see each other in a while. They were both so excited to see each other again.




Sardis Park is about two miles from our house. It is where Faith had her birthday party when she turned two and four. Park birthday parties are the best! I didn’t have to clean my house or come up with games for the kids to play. The best part is that they are free! I would have every birthday party at the park if the kids would let me.

Anyway, The kids had a great time. They got to play with their friends and I got to play with mine. I love Vicki, Julia and Sidney. I have been friends with them for years. I have actually known Sidney all of my life. Her parents and my parents are best friends. Sidney just moved into town from Asheville, NC. She is such a dear friend and I am very excited to have her living just down the road. Her two kids are the same age as my older two and they play wonderfully together. I love it!

Charlotte may not have much to offer in terms of scenery or extreme outdoor activity, but it does have nice parks, lots of trees and wonderful friends and family nearby. As a stay-at-home mom, I have to have lots of friends to chat with during the week. It is crucial to my sanity to have playdates with other moms and their kids. Faith and Wilson need that interaction too. It is a win-win for everyone.

We had a great time with all of our friends yesterday. The kids walked through the woods, played in the tee-pee made of giant logs, and played for hours on the playground equipment. We were at the playground for almost three hours….which is quite a lot of time. It was a beautiful day with beautiful friends.

Vicki Berke with Kendall and Katie…


Some of the kids in the tee-pee .  I wish I had gotten one with all of the kids.  Maybe next time.