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Cheer Clinic

The middle school cheerleaders at Covenant Day have a great fund raiser each year:  Cheer Clinic.  The lower school girls are invited to join the cheerleaders at a cheer clinic.  At the clinic they learn a cheer and a dance and receive a t-shirts – all for the price of $25.  Faith had the cheer clinic yesterday afternoon and today they girls were able to show off what they learned at the girls’ basketball game.  Faith really enjoyed it.

Faith really looks up to older girls.  She thinks that they are so pretty and so much older…even if they are only 12 years old.  Today she was in heaven.  She got to sit on the bleachers next to a middle school cheerleader for a half an hour.  She loved it!  I am glad that those girls are so sweet and are great role models for her.

Faith also did the cheer and dance for the crowd at the basketball game.  I was proud of her.  She is a shy little thing sometimes but today she got up in front of everyone without any problem.  It was cute to see her up there doing something new.  Of course we have it on video!  We wouldn’t be good 21 century parents if we didn’t.  :)

I will have to upload the link later.  I can’t find it.  Sorry


Faiths parent teacher conference



Last week we met with Faith’s kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Butler, to discuss Faith’s progress so far this year.  It was a wonderful conference.  Mrs. Butler is the sweetest teacher.  She has been teaching at CDS for over fifteen years and taught elsewhere before CDS.  She is one of those teachers that can even correct a parent without anyone getting offended.  One afternoon at carpool, during the second week of school, she smiled real big and said, “Mom, it would be great if Faith could get to school earlier so that she could play with her friends before class starts.”  I smiled back and said, “Ok.  Sure.  I will do that.”  I almost replied, “Yes, Ma’am.”  She is very motherly and always smiling and I love her for it!

But, I digress…..

In the conference, Mrs. Butler had many nice things to say about Faith.  She said that Faith is a friend to all.  Faith doesn’t care who she is partnered with because she loves everyone in her class.   She also said that Faith doesn’t put the stress on herself to be perfect that she did at the beginning of school.  Faith has loosened up a little bit and is now enjoying school and it shows. She is even told to quiet down every once in a while…which is a good thing!

Here is her progress report for the year so far.  She needs to raise her hand more, work on her handwriting and pencil grip, and continue to practice her sight words.  Currently, Faith is using the “thumb wrap” method to hold her pencil instead of using two fingers to grip it.  We are having to do finger strengthening exercises so that she can hold it the right way.  Her fingers aren’t strong enough to write while holding the pencil the right so she is having to use her thumb to help her.    We practice every other day or so…probably not often enough.  20131117-072202.jpg


Here is what she is responsible for learning throughout her kindergarten year.  Check out the math!  It is very advanced for kindergarten.  I am amazed at what she is learning.  Covenant Day is a very academic school.  I love it!



Here is the “piece de resistance”.  Mrs. Butler personalized some goals for Faith for the year.  She took what she knows about Faith, her strengths and weaknesses, her personality, her fears, and made a list of how to encourage Faith to be herself and to challenge her to be better.  She also made sure that Faith continues to grow in her faith in the Lord.  I almost cried when I read it.  This is what we are paying for at Covenant Day.  We are paying for her to be in a loving Christian environment where she is cherished as a child of God and encouraged to be who God made her to be.  I feel so good every time I drop her off at school.   I know that she is where the Lord wants her to be.  I am so sure of it that I am willing to go back to work to keep her there.


School starts tomorrow

Faith starts kindergarten tomorrow. Today we went to the school with eight other families so that the kids could see the classroom, meet the teachers, and get some instructions for tomorrow. It was great! We followed the paw prints down the hallway and into her classroom. It turns out that the paw prints belonged to Clifford the Big Red Dog. Mrs. Butler and Clifford showed the kids what Clifford’s backpack looked like, how he did his special project, and what his lunches and snacks consisted of. It was a great way for Mrs. Butler to present to the students, and especially to the parents, how things were to be done in her classroom. Most of the parents in this particular class are new to CDS and are putting their first child into kindergarten. It is nice to know that most of us are in the same boat. We will all be a crying mess tomorrow.

Faith enjoyed it. When we first arrived their was coloring to be done, science to be explored, and building supplies to be used. Faith colored and then sat with Mrs. Butler to build something. Her teacher is so sweet and really commands attention from the kids. I wish I could run my house like she probably runs the classroom. I bet her own children were very well behaved and calm…..quite unlike my household. :)

We came home after “school” and worked on Faith’s project. She had to draw pictures about the things she liked to do on a big piece of paper. Then she had to put three things that were examples of what she liked to do in a brown bag. She will present them next week. In the bag she put a crayon because she likes to draw, a Barbie, and a jump rope (although she never jump ropes). I suggested a picture of her family, but I don’t know which will win out in the end.

Her drawing had a playground, a sunny window, and the island from Alan’s on the top.  In the middle are rocks that she climbed on at Alan’s, her as a princess, and a TV.  The bottom has a swimming pool, the ocean and flowers.  These must be her top nine things….


CDS Moms Dinner

Faith starts kindergarten in three weeks. I can’t believe it! She is going to covenant Day School in Matthews. It is a Christian school. Because it is a private school we have already had a lot of interaction with the school staff and other kindergarten families. The school held a playground date for the kids in May and there is a Cowboy Roundup in two weeks.  They also sent an email with all of the rising kindergarten mom’s email addresses.  Immediately the mothers began organizing playdates so that the kids could meet before the first day of school.  Then one of the moms organized a night out for the mothers.  On Tuesday night, twenty of the rising kindergarten mothers planned to meet at Brio in South Park.

I had met two of the mothers before, and one of them is a good friend.  Other than that, I didn’t know anyone.  On the way there I prayed that I would meet one woman that I could relate to: someone that was concerned about affording the tuition (like I am) and someone laid back and easy to know.  God immediately answered this prayer.  I walked into Brio and immediately met Jennifer.  She and I were told that the others were in the bar (which they weren’t).  This gave us time to talk for a few minutes while we ordered a drink.  We ended up sitting next to each other for dinner and we had a lot in common.  We both have three kids born in the fall, concerned about affording tuition for three kids, and she is the cheerleading coach (which I am not doing, but can relate).

When we all finally sat down we decided that it would be beneficial to introduce ourselves, tell who our kindergartener is, where we live, and if we work.  Everyone was very nice.  Two of the women I had met other places.  Two other women work with the upper school kids at CDS.  They both said that they were very impressed with the caliber of student that this school helps to produce.  The teens are compassionate, friendly and responsible.  Getting good grades is also “cool”.  Both said that if their kindergartener grows up to be this kind of person then it will be well worth the money. Very good to know.

Other than the tuition, I feel so comfortable sending Faith to this school.  I truly believe that this is where we are supposed to be sending her.  I want her in a Christian environment.  I also want her to be in a school with smaller class sizes (18 students).  Covenant Day is a great school and I feel even better about our decision after meeting the other moms.