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Spring Show

Wilson had his final spring show at his preschool last week. Not only was it his last show, but it was also his last week of school.  Wilson has been asking me for months to take him out of school and let him stay home with me.  I didn’t take him too seriously because I knew how much he loved school and enjoyed seeing his friends.  When I dropped him off at school he would run into the classroom and rarely look back at me to say ‘goodbye’.  I knew how much he loved school and thought that he couldn’t, and wouldn’t, have more fun at home with me. However, after months of asking, I finally gave him his wish – I told the director that as of April 1, Wilson would no longer be attending preschool.  I think that they took it a bit personally at first, but I tried to reassure them that no matter how much Wilson loved school, he loved being with his Mommy more.  This is the last time in the next 13 years of his life that he can say that he doesn’t want to go to school, and he truly doesn’t have to go.  As I said in my last post, Wilson has grown up and changed so much in the last six months.  He has learned everything that preschool can teach him and he just wants to be home and have fun…..and I want him to be with me too.

As it worked out,  thankfully, I am able to bring him with me to Bible study on Thursdays (because they had the space for him) and my boss is letting me bring him with me on Fridays to join the older 4s class (most of the students he already knows from last year on Fridays).  It worked out perfectly which made me feel much better about the decision.

At the spring show they sang many Disney songs – Hi Ho, Hi Ho, Peter Pan, Lion King, and the grand finale was “Let it Go.”   The children sang quietly on most of the songs, but during “Let it Go” they burst forth in song – meaning they almost yelled the words.  It was awesome. If I knew how to upload it I would.  I will put it on my Facebook page for those of you that are interested.  :)

Here is Wilson singing with his Peter Pan hat on….  

After the show there is a raffle along with snacks and juice.  The kids were upset that we didn’t win any prizes last year.  I prepped them so that they would be prepared to lose again this year, but thankfully we won the 50/50 prize – $42.  I gave Wilson $6.  You would have thought that he had won the lottery!

The usual suspects were in attendance – our family, my parents and Grandmama….

My adorable little Wilson…..

Here is a picture of Wilson and his teacher, Miss Kerry.   Our family loves Miss Kerry!  She was Faith’s teacher and then she was Wilson’s teacher.  So sweet and laid back.  Just like every preschool teacher should be. Cross and Crown has been a great preschool for our family and I would highly recommend them to everyone.  We can always go back to visit.


Halloween began this morning at Wilson’s school. Miller and I went to Cross and Crown to watch Wilson sing songs with his class and then Trunk or Treat in the parking lot. He did a great job singing. I was surprised that he knew all of the words to the songs. He doesn’t know the words to the songs and prayers that he has heard all of his life, but he knew these. I was proud of him. He loves school and tells me that music is his favorite. I guess it is!

We relaxed for the afternoon, ate candy, and waited for the neighborhood party at 5:30. I told the kids that as of Sunday all of the candy is being taken from them. I hate fighting the battle of candy all day. It is making me sick to watch them eat it all, especially since I typically feed them all natural or organic food. Candy is the antithesis of that. Yuck!  Anyway, it is Halloween and I am trying to let them have some fun!

The Halloween party started at 5:30 at the Height’s house.  I love our neighborhood!  We have four or five parties throughout the year and most of us know each other.   We have a pretty small community of homes, about 80 of them.  The number of children in the neighborhood has grown significantly.  Just check out all of the kids….IMG_1697


We stayed at the party for an hour and then headed out to trick or treat.  Another great aspect of our neighborhood is that it is hilly and the houses are spread apart a little bit.  You wouldn’t think that this would be a good characteristic at Halloween but it is….more exercise and less candy.  The kids have a great time going to about 20 houses, but then are too tired to go any further so we all go home with less candy than we could have.  It is a lot of fun when everyone goes en masse.  The adults can socialize while the kids run from house to house.  Everyone wins!

Faith decided to go as Minnie Mouse this year…




Wilson’s Activities and School

I know that each child is different. They each have a different sense of humor, different likes and dislikes, and different interests. As a parent, I can see that in each of my kids. Applying that knowledge, however, is sometimes difficult.

Over the last month I have really had to look at Wilson and determine what is best for HIM as an individual. I have come to realize that he needs structure and he needs to be involved in organized activities. Because he is the middle child, I have kind of let him slip through the cracks (in terms of teaching him specific facts and working with him in other areas).

It was suggested by a friend of ours that we look into putting Wilson in karate classes. Karate teaches discipline and patience, as well as letting the kids kick, hit and punch. Perfect! I called Taekwondo America, which is down the street and run by the father of one of Faith’s former classmates. He said that he never lets any child under 4 into his classes, but he would let Wilson come to one class, try it out and see how he does. Wilson rocked it! He followed all of the directions, sat quietly, and did everything asked of him. He also enjoyed it.  He is now going to Taekwondo three days a week for thirty minutes.



On the other two afternoons he is going to “sports camp” at the YMCA.  It is a forty five minute class that teaches the kids tee-ball, soccer, flag football, and another sport.  He loves that as well.

Today, I signed Wilson up for preschool for next year.  I had a hard time deciding where to send him and for how many days.  I only sent Faith to school one year and for only two days per week.  This is when I have to realize that Wilson is different and act accordingly.  I think that Wilson will thrive in school.  I have failed to teach him a whole lot here at home and I know that he needs to continue learning and filling up that little brain of his.

I finally decided to send him to Cross and Crown (where Faith went) for three days a week.  I know most of the teachers, I know the Head Master, and I feel comfortable sending him there.  I almost cried as I walked out of the church today after signing him up.  I realized that my little boy is growing up and that I have to let him leave me a little bit.  I love my free time, but knowing that he will be gone three mornings a week makes me a little sad.  Of course I immediately began to question my decision…”did I do the right thing?”  “Are three days too much?”  “Will he feel like I am sending him off and don’t want him at home?”  All of these thoughts flood my brain instantly.  I have to remember that no decision is final.  I also have to remember that each of my children are different.  Wilson will thrive in school and I think that he will love going.

Wilson is a very busy boy right now.  I don’t want to bog my kids down with activities, but for the summer, I think it is the best thing for Wilson, and for the rest of us.