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The Tree is Up

Believe it or not, but we put up the Christmas tree today.  Thanksgiving is late this year and we wanted to have time to enjoy it.  The kids were very excited.  Miller didn’t remember doing it last year, but he was into it this year.  First we set up a small tree in Faith’s room downstairs.  She decorated it quite nicely.

Then the big tree went up.  A few years ago Tom and I decided that putting up a real tree every year was too much hassle for us.  Anyone that knows us knows that we argue about everything.  A friend of ours told us that we would probably argue about the color of the gras, and I am sure that we have.  We are both leaders, first borns, and were married late in life, therefore, we both think we are right and have the best way to do things.  The fact that ‘opposites attract’ doesn’t help the situation either.  Over the years we have gotten better, but we know where are limits lie.  This led us to the decision to get an artificial tree.  We don’t have to argue about whether or not the tree is straight, who watered it last, or how to put the lights on.  It is all done for us.  Beautiful!  Having three children also led to the decision;  we have enough to worry about in life.  A tree should not be one of them!

Sooooo….Tom put the tree together while I played with the kids and organized the ornaments.  The kids had a great time in the giant tree box.  The ornaments went up next.  Of course, two were broken immediately.  This caused Faith to cry and Tom and I to argue about the best was to distribute the ornaments.  (See, we can argue about anything!)  Everything ended up working out.  I got Faith back into the game, Wilson helped Tom hand out the ornaments, and Miller put all his ornaments on the same branch.  When we got to the balls Miller began trying to kick and throw the round ornaments because they were “balls”.  His favorite.  Eventually he realized that they weren’t for throwing, but were for the tree.

In the end, we ended up with a beautiful tree that was perfectly decorated (although many of the ornaments were on the lower right portion of the tree).  It was a great family event.  After tree decorating we had a movie night with popcorn.  Fun! Fun!