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Kids triathlon.

Saturday morning was a big day for Faith, Wilson and Tom.  It was big for Faith and Wilson because they both raced in their first triathlons.  It was big for Tom because his two children were following in his footsteps and racing in their first triathlons.  The Harris YMCA hosted both a Kids and a Preschool Triathlon on the same morning – one right after the other.  There were two main differences between the two races: length and parental involvement.  Faith’s race was much longer and parents were not to help them at all.   My parents and Grandmama were there to help cheer the kids on.

Faith’s race was first.  There was about 80 elementary aged children in her race.  She had to swim three laps, ride four laps around the large parking lot, and then run a quarter of a mile.  The biking and running were easy for her, but the swim was very difficult.  Three laps is a lot of swimming for someone her age.  She was able to complete it, but she was not happy about it at all!  I think the swim dampened her mood and she was on the verge of tears throughout the rest of the race.  Tom was able to help her through the transitions and cheer her on as she came back from the biking which helped.   Here they are at the transition area as Faith gets ready to get on her bike.


Here is Faith on her bike.  Because the older kids went first, there weren’t many kids racing while she was finishing up.


After she finished the race it took her a while to cheer up, and warm up (it was chilly).  Faith finally began to acknowledge her accomplishment and was proud of herself for completing such a difficult swim, bike and run.  We were all very proud of her tenacity and her determination.  She could have given up at any moment, but she didn’t and we were all very proud of her.

Wilson’s race was next and it was very different from Faith’s.  In the Preschool triathlon the parents were very involved and it was a much more relaxed race.  The kids only had to swim one lap, ride one lap around the parking lot and then run only 50 yards.  There was also much more parental involvement.  Most of the parents were in the pool with their child while he/she swam the one lap.  I even saw one dad swimming the lap with his son on his back.  Most of the kids had bikes with training wheels or even tricycles.  Compared to the competition, Wilson rocked this race!  He did awesome!  Tom got in the pool with him but Wilson swam the lap all by himself.  He then raced over to the transition area, put on his helmet and ran his bike up to the parking lot. Wilson rode his bike (without training wheels) around the parking lot and the other families.  Here he is….


Then he ran his bike back to the transition area, dropped it off and took off for the run.  He was so fired up and energetic.  I loved watching him really try to do his best and be his fastest.  The video we took is hilarious!  He crossed the finish line, received his medal, and then wanted to go straight to the food.  I asked him to stop so that i could take a picture.  This is how he posed…..


What a knuckle head!  I asked him to smile normal and I got this shot…


We were all so proud of both Faith and Wilson.  they each ran two totally different races and did the best that they each could do.  In order to celebrate properly, Grandmama took us out to breakfast at the Pancake House.  It was a wonderful morning together doing something very rewarding.  Both kids said that they want to do it again next year.

Here is Faith and I after her race…


Hiking and camping

In the past week tom has taken faith and wilson hiking and camping twice. Last Monday he took the day off and went to Crowders State Park with them to go hiking. In all, they hiked over five miles and made it to the summit of Kings Pinnacle. Tom was amazed and proud of how well faith and wilson did on that trip. I think he said that the walked at a snails pace: less than one mile per hour. Stopping to smell every flower and climb on every rock. Her are a few pictures from that trip….






After that trip tom decided that it was time to take faith and wilson camping at the same location. Tom packed in the forty pound pack while the other two carried a small backpack. They had a blast! They were gone over twenty four hours and didn’t want to come home. They camped, ate s’mores, hiked, and played in the woods together. It was a great bonding time for the three of them. I said that miller and I would go with them next time.







Two Good Days

Summer has officially begun in the Dressler household. Everyone has finished school and I have finished working. Pools are beginning to open and the weather is already hot. Our first full day together was Tuesday. I honestly can’t even tell you what we did that day (and yes, it was only three days ago). I can, however, tell you what we did over the past two days because it was fun and meaningful. The entire day was not memorable but parts of it were and those are the parts that I really enjoyed.
Both days I took the kids to the YMCA for an hour or so, not to work out but to hang out and read a book by myself. Hey! Free childcare is free childcare!
One afternoon we went to Latta Park in Dilworth. This is a great playground with a small splash ground and is located in a beautiful neighborhood. There is also a sand volleyball court that doubles as a giant sand box. We met my friend, Erin, there and her two kids. The kids played for over two hours while I chatted with Erin. They left after two hours and we stayed another hour. I played in the water with Miller and climbed UP the curly tunnel slide with Wilson and faith. I enjoyed playing with them and watching them play. I realized that the evening is one of my favorite times of the day. The temperature is cooler and it is quieter and calmer. It was very relaxing at the playground and I really enjoyed the kids without being distracted or anxious for what we needed to do next. I just enjoyed the moment.
Yesterday we did the same sort of thing but at the Morrison YMCA pool. This is a new pool for us, it is further from home, but we really like it. There are three big slides for the older two kids and a giant graduated pool for Miller. All of us have really enjoyed going to this new pool. Amazingly, we spend three hours there yesterday. The kids would have stayed longer if I let them.
I don’t typically like to play in the deep pool with all three of them, but I truly enjoyed it yesterday. The kids swam back-and-forth to the wall while I held Miller. Once again, I was in the moment. I wasnt daydreaming about something else or mentally making a list of things I needed to do (like a usually do). I was only thinking about the kids and what we were doing at that moment. I don’t know why but I don’t experience that very often. I am always distracted by something. It happens the most when I am at home and I see the many things that need to be done around the house. I can’t keep focus. I have also realized that I sometimes look at the kids as work instead of someone to be enjoyed. I see them as someone to feed and clean up after instead of little people that I can relax and have fun with. I guess over the past two days I was able to separate myself from my “job” at home. I was actually able to leave my job at home and take the kids out for some fun with me. This is not to say that we don’t have fun and that I don’t laugh during the day even we when are grocery shopping, but to truly relax and enjoy life with the kids doesn’t happen everyday. Over the last two days it has happened and I hope and pray that I have many more days like these two over the next few months. Maybe I am finally learning that I don’t have to conquer the world in a day, but to relax and live in the moment.




Quality time…

I took the kids to Squirrel Lake park yesterday. I almost invited another family to go along with us, like I typically do, but decided that we should go alone.  I love bringing others with us because it keeps the kids more entertained and it gives me someone to socialize with.  However, when I have a friend with me I don’t usually play with the kids.  I tend to talk to the other mom while the kids play near us.  I decided that this trip needed to be used for quality time with the my kids.

I picked up Faith from school and we headed right over to the park.  As usual, they were not interested in the playing on the playground equipment. Instead they wanted to go throw things in the water and go exploring in the woods.   To “go exploring” means that the kids play down by the creek, dig in the sand, and eventually fall into the water.  It was a warm day so I wasn’t too worried about them getting wet.  It took about twenty minutes before Wilson slipped on the rocks and fall into the water.  He got his pants and shoes wet but he didn’t seem to mind too much.  We walked through the woods and along the water to see where “the water started”.  I had a very nice time with the kids.  It was fun to see them so excited.  The four of us laughed a lot, threw giant rocks into the stream, and climbed on a fallen tree.

Lately I have felt as if I haven’t spent much quality time with the kids.  I see them all the time, but I don’t always consider it “quality time”.  Quality time is time that we spend together without the distraction of other people or screens.  It is time that I am focused on them and the activity at hand.  We spend a lot of time in the same house together, but we are not always playing together.  Yesterday we spent many hours at the playground together enjoying each others’ company and doing something slightly different.  It was a great day to be a mom!


Warm weekend

Believe it or not, it was 70 degrees this weekend. It was beautiful. The sky was clear and we were able to spend most of the weekend outside. It was so warm Saturday that the kids insisted on playing in the hose in the yard. The water was cold but they didn’t seem to mind.


We also took the kids to the Children’s Workshop at Lowes that morning.  Even Miller was able to hammer in the nails in order to make a game. The project we simple enough, with adult supervision. Lowes gave each kid a work apron and goggles to bring home along with the completed project and an iron-on badge.  It was fun, educational, and free!



After church on Sunday we all headed over to Maddie’s soccer game. We brought a picnic lunch for us to eat and a blanket to sit on.  I haven’t done that in ages. The kids could play on the playground (supervised by their older cousins) or run around on the field. This is when I really appreciate having all of my family in town. By the end of the game the whole gang was there: Lisa, Brian and their kids, us, my dad, and Doug and his kids. It is so wonderful to have everyone together, laughing and supporting each other. Lots of love.


Swimming at the Y

Yesterday we had scheduled a playdate with Sidney and her kids.  We typically do the same things, either go to the playground or one of our houses.   We decided to change it up and go to the indoor pool at the Harris YMCA.  This Y has a graduated pool for the kiddies and a small kiddie slide as well.  It is a great indoor pool for children.  Compared to the air temperature, the water felt rather warm.  The kids loved it!  Rarely do I take them swimming in the winter.  Personally, I don’t like swimming or getting into a cold swimming pool, but I may have to suck it up and do it more often anyway.  The kids need to continue working on their swimming skills so that they will be ready for summer.

The Charlotte YMCAs require that kids pass a small swim test in order to swim more than an arm’s reach from their parents.  I totally forgot to bring the kids’ necklaces from last year and Robin had never taken the test.  The life guard gave them the swim test again and they both passed.  (Wilson didn’t want to take it again.)  Having a necklace meant that Robin and Faith could do something totally new and exciting:  go down the giant waterslide!  Faith was scared at first but after seeing Robin do it she went for it.  They loved it!  I think that they each went down the slide at least six times in a row.  I was proud of them – it was a really big slide.  Again, this is something that we need to do more often.  Life can get somewhat boring if I don’t change things up every once in a while.  Today I can say that we did something out of the ordinary and had a great time!


When to work and when to clean….

I have always struggled with balancing housework vs. playing with the kids.  Sometimes I will clean when they aren’t around but then I think to myself, “Why am I wearing myself out when they aren’t here.  I should be relaxing.”  So then I sit down and begin the habit of cleaning when they are around and enjoying my time alone.  So I start cleaning while they are there.   This has been my habit for the last month or two.  The other day I realized that I was not playing with them at all.  All I was doing was cleaning, picking up toys, doing laundry, cooking, or doing dishes while they were around.   They were being ignored or constantly put off while I did “one more thing.”   I also realized that I was doing it on purpose.  In some sick sort of way, I was using cleaning/straightening as an escape from playing with the kids.   I felt that as long as I was doing my own thing then was getting time to myself.  Weird, right?

After this epiphany two days ago, I have made a conscious effort to sit down and play with the kids.  I miss them when they aren’t around me so I need to appreciate me when they are.  I didn’t see them much yesterday, but last night we played and had fun together.  Today I did even better.  Miller and I went to run one quick errand together.  After that store I almost put him into the car to go to another one, but at the last minute I realized that the pet store was right next to us.  We got back out of the car and went to the pet store.  We saw the fish (which he loves!), lizards, and then played with the cats.  The cats were playing so we could go into the room and play with them.  It was fun!  This afternoon I even played a board game with Wilson and I took extra time to put Faith to bed.

Cleaning, kids and personal time is a difficult balance to maintain.  I am sure that I will vacillate between the two mentioned extremes and hopefully find myself in the middle more than not.  I want to look back on these days with thankfulness and not regret.  The dishes can wait!!