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Kim and Dallas’ Wedding

We left the beach one day early to travel up to Willamsburg, VA because Tom’s sister Kim was getting married. Faith was also going to be the flower girl in the ceremony. Faith has been practicing for months and couldn’t wait to play this special role.

We drove up Friday with Faith and left the boys at the beach with my parents. She was absolutely giddy the entire weekend. I guess having all of the attention from mom and dad with no brothers around is very exciting for her. She was literally bouncing around and laughing constantly. She swam in the hotel pool with Tom, jumped on the hotel beds, and got all the attention from her aunts and cousins. She loved it!

Since we were in Williamburg already, we decided to go to Colonial Williamsburg, walk around and check it out. It was a complete bust. It was very expensive to get a day pass and Faith was way to young for any of it to interst her. Honestly, after about an hour there I was ready to leave as well. It seemed to me that everything was about the money…and lots of it. I am way to thrifty to spend hundreds of dollars to take my kids to something that I would have to force them to take interest in. Maybe in ten years I will feel differently.

The rest of the day was spent shopping at the outlet stores, swimming in the pool and getting manicures and pedicures. Faith and I went to get mani-pedis together. We both got to sit in a chair while soaking our feet and getting a leg massage. It was novel for her and much needed for me. Once again, she felt like a princess.

The wedding was that night at Saude Creek Vineyards. The ceremony was beautiful. Kim and Dallas were so excited to finally be getting married and it showed. Faith walked up the aisle throwing out her flowers just as she had practiced. Bravely, she stood up front with the others throughout the ceremony. I was very proud of her, and I think that she was too. Here are some pictures of the wedding in no particular order….

Kim and Dallas as the Pastor pronounces them “married”…..



Faith and I before the ceremony…



Cousin Alexis and Faith…..



Faith standing up front during the wedding….



The Wedding Party…