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An Abrupt Ending

I woke up at 11:00am Sunday morning and thought to myself, “I miss my kids and husband. I want to go home.” I have never done that before. I usually love having my time away. This time, however, I wanted to go home. Luckily, because I bought my ticket with Kristen’s father’s Delta miles (who is a preferred customer) I was able to easily change the day of departure. Kristen’s sister, Kate, lives just down the road from me and was flying out that afternoon as well so I was able to get on the same flight.

It is a tricky situation explaining to your friend that you want to go home early. Everyone with kids knows that sometimes you just need to go home and be with your kids. As it was explained to me in premarital counseling, my order to priority/commitment is: God, husband, kids, immediate family, others. I was away long enough to really gain an appreciation for my family. I love my husband. I love my kids. I love my parents and friends. I wouldn’t change any of them or want my life to be anywhere else except with them.

I kind of reminded me of “When Harry Met Sally” when Harry realized that he loved Sally. He ran all the way across town to find her on New Years Eve. He said something like, “When you realize who you want to spend the rest of your life with you, want the rest of your life to start right now!” That is how i felt. I flew home a day early, ran through the Atlanta airport to catch my connecting flight, and wanted my week to start right then with them.

Kristen’s birthday party

Kristen’s party was at a clubhouse on Lake —- It was a beautiful location. There was a large grassy lawn that led down to the water. The lake was surrounded by rolling hills. It was nice to be outside all day and have such a beautiful lake to admire.

The party went all day and long into the night. We arrived around 2:00pm at the lodge. There was copious amounts of food, drinks and desserts. I ate like a king. The best part is that I didn’t have to cook any of it and I didnt have to clean it all up.

Kristen has a wonderful family. I knew some of them from Kate’s wedding and some from other get togethers. Her mom and dad are both very generous. Her dad even bought my ticket with his airlines miles.

We stayed at the lake until about 10:00pm. There were fireworks on the lake but we could only see part of them.


You can see them through the trees a little.

After fireworks we went to a bar and hung out until late. The next morning I slept until 11:00am. That hasn’t happened in years…of course neither has staying up past midnight.


First day of my vacation

Today is the first day of my four day trip to Connecticut. I am flying there so that I can attend my friend, Kristen’s, 40th birthday party. She doesn’t live there currently but it is where she grew up. Her mom is throwing her the party. I have known Kristen since 1995. She and I worked together at our first jobs out of college….making peanuts (not literally). :)

Going on vacation away from the kids is always So bitter sweet. I am sad when I leave them, and they are sad when I leave. Faith had the hardest time separating this morning. After I leave them I feel guilty that I am going somewhere without them to have some fun. I then feel guilty because I am purposefully going somewhere to have fun without them. Then I wonder if I am being selfish and fear that something bad will happen while I am gone: either to me or to them. Arrgghhhhh! How am I supposed to relax and enjoy myself with all of that going on in my head?!? “Mommy Guilt” is a very real and powerful thing.

So far, I am only at the airport. I won’t reach my destination until 5:00pm. Kristen is picking me up at the White Plains, NY airport and we will drive another hour from there.

All guilt aside, I am enjoying myself. I have taken a nap, looked at some beautiful art in the Atlanta airport, and began reading a book that I hadn’t finished since my last vacation in February. So far, so good. The trip will get much more interesting In a few hours. I always say that you could put me in an airplane, fly around for a few hours, and then drop me back home and I would consider that a great vacation. :).