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Navitat Zip Line Canopy Tour

Today I went with my friend Sidney to Navitat Zip Line Canopy in Asheville, NC. It was so much fun. The course had ten zip lines that were, at the max, 200 feet up in the air, 1050 ft long, and zipping up to 40 miles per hour.  The two longest ones were super fun and fast.  They got us used to the zipping and stopping on much shorter lines, but they increased further into the tour.

I had never ziplined before and was definitely a little afraid at first. Heights are not my thing, but by the end of the tour I was stepping off the platform without a thought and stopping like a pro.

The second longest one was my favorite. I actually “whooo”-ed through part it….it was awesome! I could look to the left while zipping and see the mountains and the beautiful scenery. Because all of the leaves had already fallen, we could really see the view all around us.

This was a great activity. Between this and the mud run, I am feeling more alive than ever. What is next? Skydiving? Maybe….


Sidney crossing the rope bridge


Me getting ready to zip for the first time. Standing on the platform debating whether or not I want to step off..


Me and Sidney before the first zipline.


This is actually our instructor going across the longest one. Whooooo!