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Wilson’s Activities and School

I know that each child is different. They each have a different sense of humor, different likes and dislikes, and different interests. As a parent, I can see that in each of my kids. Applying that knowledge, however, is sometimes difficult.

Over the last month I have really had to look at Wilson and determine what is best for HIM as an individual. I have come to realize that he needs structure and he needs to be involved in organized activities. Because he is the middle child, I have kind of let him slip through the cracks (in terms of teaching him specific facts and working with him in other areas).

It was suggested by a friend of ours that we look into putting Wilson in karate classes. Karate teaches discipline and patience, as well as letting the kids kick, hit and punch. Perfect! I called Taekwondo America, which is down the street and run by the father of one of Faith’s former classmates. He said that he never lets any child under 4 into his classes, but he would let Wilson come to one class, try it out and see how he does. Wilson rocked it! He followed all of the directions, sat quietly, and did everything asked of him. He also enjoyed it.  He is now going to Taekwondo three days a week for thirty minutes.



On the other two afternoons he is going to “sports camp” at the YMCA.  It is a forty five minute class that teaches the kids tee-ball, soccer, flag football, and another sport.  He loves that as well.

Today, I signed Wilson up for preschool for next year.  I had a hard time deciding where to send him and for how many days.  I only sent Faith to school one year and for only two days per week.  This is when I have to realize that Wilson is different and act accordingly.  I think that Wilson will thrive in school.  I have failed to teach him a whole lot here at home and I know that he needs to continue learning and filling up that little brain of his.

I finally decided to send him to Cross and Crown (where Faith went) for three days a week.  I know most of the teachers, I know the Head Master, and I feel comfortable sending him there.  I almost cried as I walked out of the church today after signing him up.  I realized that my little boy is growing up and that I have to let him leave me a little bit.  I love my free time, but knowing that he will be gone three mornings a week makes me a little sad.  Of course I immediately began to question my decision…”did I do the right thing?”  “Are three days too much?”  “Will he feel like I am sending him off and don’t want him at home?”  All of these thoughts flood my brain instantly.  I have to remember that no decision is final.  I also have to remember that each of my children are different.  Wilson will thrive in school and I think that he will love going.

Wilson is a very busy boy right now.  I don’t want to bog my kids down with activities, but for the summer, I think it is the best thing for Wilson, and for the rest of us.

Wilson’s Sport Camp

Wilson had his first day of “Sports Camp” at the YMCA. It isn’t really a camp, but it made it sound cooler. I was afraid that he wouldn’t want to go so I tried to spruce it up a bit. It is actually a 45 minute class every Tuesday and Thursday for the month of June. The class teaches one sport each week: t-ball, soccer, flag football and a random sport the last week. He ended up loving it!

The coach asked the boys what their favorite baseball team was. None of them had an answer and then Wilson spoke up and said, “The Steelers!”. Tom was very proud. :)

After class Tom took Wilson to Walmart to buy him a new lefty glove. Of course they couldn’t leave without buying a bat, a ball, and a new tee. Wilson was so excited about it this morning that we were all out in the driveway playing tee-ball at 8:00 this morning. He would practice hitting the ball and then we would switch so that he could field it next.

I am so relieved to know that he enjoys organized sports. He usually isn’t one to follow the rules of game, but usually makes up his own. I am excited to have some new things to play with him. I have a feeling that we will have plenty of new sporting equipment around the house.

Tom brought him to the class