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Millers Growth and Vaccines

When Faith was six months old I read “The Vaccine Book” by Dr. Sears. It really opened my eyes to the controversy around vaccines, what is in them, and how many diseases that there are vaccines for. When I was a kid I was vaccinated for less diseases than today. I wasn’t vaccinated for Hep A and B until I was thirty. No one was vaccinated for chicken pox, it was just a right of passage.  Now kids are vaccinated for nine illnesses (over 10 shots) in the first two years of life and receive their first Hep B shot in the hospital after being born. This is not for me.

My problem with vaccines isn’t the vaccine itself. It is the extras that are in the shots: aluminum, formaldehyde, preservatives, genetically modified cow parts, etc. Gross! I have met numerous moms who swear that the shots made their child autistic. I know that this is a huge controversy right now and the AMA says that it isn’t true, but this isn’t a chance that I am willing to take. My kids will have plenty of time to get all of their shots….even the ones that I find unnecessary, but are required (like chicken pox).

As a result, I got into a fight with Faith’s first pediatrician, fired him, and found one that would work with me on a personalized vaccination schedule. Dr. Richter is fabulous! She listens to what I have to say and treats me with respect as a parent who is doing what I believe to be best for my kids. It is obvious that some of the nurses don’t agree with my methodologies, but as long as Dr. Richter does, I am okay.

Today I went in to get Miller a vaccination between his check up appointments. I have been promising to do this for over a year, but never seem to have the time or motivation to make an extra trip to the doctor so that my baby can get stabbed with a needle. Not much motivation there. Until they are three years old, my rule is that my kids will get one shot per appointment. I let the doctor decide which vaccinations they will receive. I basically get only the ones for the diseases that they could die from and with today’s “cocktail” shots they still get vaccinated for up to five diseases at one time.

So, today I gave in to “The Man” and made the trip to the pediatricians office to get Miller one of his shots. The nurse actually said to me, “I didn’t know which shot you wanted to give him. He needs so many”. I had to chuckle.  

On a lighter note, Miller is doing awesome! He has two molars on the bottom now and one other small bottom tooth. “Mamma” is his favorite word. He doesn’t always use it properly, but he says it all the time. I love it! When asked a yes or no question he will shake his whole body to answer the question instead of just nodding his head. He is obsessed with utensils and has to have one if someone else does. He can use the drill for the Take Apart Truck and actually unscrew the screws. Brilliant, right?! Unfortunately he has been getting up at 5:30 every morning which is wearing me out! He is still Mamma’s Little Boy and I love him to death! So glad God brought him into our lives.