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Trunk or Treat at Little Church

Yesterday afternoon we went to the Trunk or Treat at Little Church on the Lane. The kids were read a story about how a pumpkin/jack-o-lantern can remind them of Jesus’ light within them, they did a craft, and then we all went out to the parking lot for trunk or treat fun. There were games for the kids to play and about 15 cars for them to Trunk or Treat. The cars were all decorated and everyone was dressed up. It was really fun and very cute.

Faith was a pink Batgirl, Wilson was a retro Batman, and Miller was a pumpkin. Tom had the funniest costume – he was a giant sumo wrestler. His costume had a self inflating fan so that he stayed blown up the whole time. Very comical. I was in line with Faith and Wilson and was a black Bat woman. The cousins were there as a shark and a chicken. My parents decorated their truck by bringing two of their chickens and some bails of hay – farmers.

Wilson and Faith ate so much candy yesterday.  I decided that I would let them eat it until they couldn’t eat anymore.  Of course, that would never come.  Faith confessed this morning that while I was putting Wilson to bed last night she got out her flashlight, snuck into the kitchen, climbed onto the counter and got a lollipop out of her candy stash that was on top of the refrigerator.   She said she even brushed her teeth again afterwards so that she wouldn’t get a cavity.  The candy will all be gone by Friday.

I think that the pictures say it all….

Becca and Miller

Gabriel, Faith and Wilson

Miller – my sweet, little pumpkin



Family photo..



Tom and Miller


Fall Fun!

The leaves have been falling very quickly this past week. Our backyard is all trees and so it doesn’t take long to accumulate enough leaves for a great, big jumping pile. I helped the kids rake the leaves and they jumped right in. I even got Miller into the pile. Faith kept throwing leaves on him and he just smiled and loved it.

Of course I had to run into the house, grab the “good camera”, and get some shots.



Faith had so much fun lying in the leaves so that only her face was showing.  She thought that they tickled her neck and face so she kept laughing and doing it again.






After the leaves had lost their excitement the kids came up to the newly cleaned off deck to play. Miller is finally old enough to enjoy the Cozy Coup Car. Faith kept picking him up, putting him in the car, and pushing him around the deck. Miller loved it! She was pushing him pretty fast but he held on and enjoyed the ride.


Wish I had my good camera

Fall is in full swing here in Roanoke, VA. The leaves have all changed colors and the mountains are spotted with red, yellow, and orange trees. it is beautiful. I thoroughly enjoyed the drive up here on Monday. Even the trees around the playground are a brilliant red. The temperature is warm, but not hot, and the nights are cool. I love it!

Each week I contemplate bringing the nice camera and each week I decide not to. big mistake! Every day this week I have regretted that decision. I want to capture the sweet moments of the kids playing in the leaves and sitting under the trees with red leaves all around them. It is priceless. I will have to remember them in my mind. I caught a few pictures on my phone…

Today we went to a new playground that is just around the corner. It was a beautiful day. The sun was shining and not a cloud in the sky. The kids played on the equipment for only a few minutes. They had more fun funning the bases on the overgrown baseball field, blowing the dandelion flower puffs, and running down the large grassy hills.

I had the realization today that this is the last year that we will be able to do this any day we want. Faith will be in school next year and will be gone a majority of every day. Wilson is going to miss her terribly, and so am I. They are so sweet and loving to each other. I am proud to be their mother.

I almost forgot to mention Miller’s second word: “uh-oh”. He said it perfectly with the perfect inflection. “uh-oh” – with that high octave “uh” and lower “oh”. I couldn’t believe he said it. Faith and I kept saying it and he would repeat it. I am telling you, he is the great imitator of sounds.





The Virginia Museum of Transportation

This morning we went to the Virginia Transportation Museum in downtown Roanoke. It was fabulous! Roanoke has a huge train yard. We pass by it all the time and I thought today would be a great day to go. We packed lunches, as usual (can’t leave the house for more than an hour without food).


We wNt outside to have our snacks and saw many trains pass by us. They were very close. We could even wave to the engineer and they would wave back.



Then we played in the playground. It was so cute. Each piece was a mode of transportation: a helicopter, a bulldozer, a spaceship, and an old time car. It was very cute. Here are the kids on the helicopter and the spaceship. I actually got a picture with all three kids looking at the camera…practically a miracle.



We finally walked around and looked at all the trains, horse and buggies, old fire trucks and school buses, and an old race car. The kids loved the fire truck because they could climb on it. I was amazed by the size of the old diesel steam engine. It was enormous. Very impressive.

We spent three hours at the train museum and I am sure that we will return. It was worth every penny. A 10 out of 10!




Daddy and Faiths Big Date

Faith got a new fancy dress that she couldn’t wait to wear. Tom told her that they would go out on a fancy date together.

Faith was dressed and ready by 4:00 pm for her 6:00 pm date. She was so excited. She had taken a shower, fixed her hair and put on her fancy dress and shoes.

Tom picked her up and brought her some flowers. They went to the Brazilian restaurant in Roanoke.


Faith had her first shrimp cocktail and then had a plate of nuggets and French fries as big as her head. After dinner they had cheese cake. Quite a first date. She will have high expectations from here on out. :)


Faith and Wilson’s birthday Party

We had Faith and Wilson’s birthday party at Monkey Joe’s yesterday. Monkey Joe’s is a bounce house place for kids. We don’t usually have big birthday parties but since it was a double party it really worked out well. Faith and Wilson have the same friends so having two parties would really be redundant.

Monkey Joe’s was great! I didn’t have to clean my house, provide food, or come up with entertainment. They did it all for me. The only downer was that Faith was still recovering from a stomach bug that she had two days before. Turns out that it wasn’t quite gone yet. She felt terrible during and after the party. She was able to rally and jump with her friends but didn’t eat any cake or pizza. Poor thing. :(

Other than Faith’s illness, the party was great. They were able to play with their best little friends and celebrate turning three and five.  In attendance was Sophie and Elliot Drobnick, Emily, Kendall and Katie Berke, Gabriel and Shepherd Wilson, Payton and Ava Bishop, and Corrin TenBroeck.

Happy birthday Faith and Wilson!!

Here is Gabriel, Faith and Payton Bishop.





Becca, Miller and Claire/Mom/Grandma



Faith spent as much time on the Merry-Go-Round as she did jumping.  Here is her riding with Gabriel.



Tom and Wilson playing Monster and having fun.



Wilson and Monkey Joe.  Faith gave him a high-five but was not up for a picture.  Wilson sought out Monkey Joe earlier in the party and gave him a hug.  Very cute.



Blowing out the birthday candles from their shared throne.



Wilson and Faith – brother and sister and best friends.


I love you more than….

Wilson has started saying, “Mommy?”.

He waits for me to answer and then says,”I love you”.

Tonight he told me, “Mommy, I love you more than ice cream.”.

I told him I loved home more than chocolate.

He said, “I love you more than Popsicles”.

I responded with how I loved him more than sleep.

He continued to name off numerous things that he loved me more than (which were all quite the compliment): the ocean, jumping in the waves, his cozy blanket, and bad guys (one of his all time favorites).

I loved it because he told me all of his favorite things and then told me how he loved me more than them. It really took some thought on his part. He is just as sweet as he is hilarious.

He and I spent some quality time outside today playing kickball. I would roll the ball to him and he would kick it. He did awesome. He is going to be a fabulous athlete. Definitely a lefty. Hits right, kicks left and writes left.