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Grandma Bye-Bye

This weekend we make the two hour drive up to Greensboro. We went to visit my Dad’s mom, Madeline, at the retirement home where she lives. We have been trying to get up there to visit for two months but something keeps coming up….late time it snowed.  This time we made it!

I love my Grandmal.  I spell it with an “L” at the end because that is how I thought it was spelled when I was growing up, because that it how we pronounce it – very southern!  Now my kids call her “Grandma Bye-Bye”.  The McCulloch kids call her “Bye-Bye” which started with Maddie because Grandma used to sing her a song about saying “goodbye” when she was little.  My kids have too many great grandparents and it just gets plain confusing for them if the grandparents don’t have some distinguishing name.   I decided to combine the two names and now we have “Grandmal Bye-Bye”.  It works!

Grandma was excited to see us all.  She fed us lunch in the dining room downstairs, let the kids play in her giant trunk of toys, and then walked the halls with me while the kids ran through them touching everything in sight.  She just laughed and loved every minute of it!  It was so comforting to know how much she enjoyed seeing me and my kids. She loves them exactly the way they are, just like I do.  She had five kids of her own, the first three being boys.  Nothing shocks or bothers her.  I have always loved spending time with her and we have always had a very special bond.

Here she is with Miller, Faith and Wilson… (not bad for an 83 year old!)



Me and Grandmal



We had to laugh because at one point Faith and Wilson went out of her apartment and into the sitting room right outside her door.  They looked like to old people hanging out and reading magazines!!  hahahaha



We had such a great time visiting with Grandma Bye-Bye.  We will be doing it again soon, i hope.