Monthly Archives: September 2017


Once again, Disney did not disappoint! We stayed even longer this year and loved it! We spent two days in the parks, had a pool day, and then went back to the parks for one last day. It is such a great way for us to spend time as a family without any of the distractions of life – no phones, no work, no tv, no school and no one else to be with except us.

This year we had a little excitement due to the fact that a hurricane was coming up the coast of Florida. It wasn’t supposed to hit until Sunday morning so we left around 5:00pm Saturday. Haha. We were not about to end our fabulous vacation any earlier than we needed to. As we were driving north on I-95 Saturday afternoon, it was beginning to rain hard and there was not a single car heading south. Scary as it sounds, the hurricane did help with the crowds. There was not a single line on Friday in any of the parks….a definite silver lining!

Here are some of the “best ofs” from our trip….