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Ranch camp

For the last five summers, Sidney and I have taken the kids down to her parents’ place in Florida for what we now lovingly call “Ranch Camp.  Ranch Camp is one of the highlights of our summer!  My kids don’t think that summer can happen without it.  This year we were able to squeeze it in right before school started.  As usual, we played in the pool, went to the beach, and then went somewhere special for a day or two.  This year, we had two “special” trips. One was to a natural spring where we could tube in cold,crystal clear water.  We couldn’t take any pictures because we were in water the entire time.  I think the one thing about that day that the kids will always remember is the water snake that swam by.  Yep!  A snake.  Wilson wouldn’t put a toe in that water after he saw that snake.  It was a frightening few minutes, but everyone else just kept swimming and tubing like it never happened.

During our “stay at home day” the kids swam in the pool a lot.  The fun part about Ranch Camp is that my kids see G-Daddy and Yibbie as another set of grandparents. In this picture, Miller is riding on Yibbie’s back while she swims around the pool.  It was sweet to see him be so comfortable with her and for Yibbit to let him do it.  :)  It warmed my heart, for sure!

A Faith and Jesse selfie – the best of friends!!

Our beach day this year was a beautiful day!  The kids boogie boarded, swam, dug holes and played games.  We were there all day until we could take the sun no longer!  My kids even got their first sunburns!

Sidney and I finally got a selfie as well!  After 5 Ranch Camps, I think that this is our first.   The moms rarely get in the pictures!

On our last day, we took a boat ride on the river.  We saw many birds that I had never seen.  I thoroughly enjoyed the ride.

A Ranch Camp group shot (minus Tom/G-Daddy).

My favorite part of Ranch Camp?  The conversations with Yibbit and Sidney each day.  I love sharing a bottle of wine (or two) with them each night, talking about life with interesting women, and being able to relax knowing that my kids are having fun and are entertained . It is such a blessing to have this experience each summer with these special friends!