Monthly Archives: September 2018

Back to school

The kids all started school about a month ago. Faith is at Union Prep, a charter school, and the boys are homeschooling with me again and going to Greyfriars once a week. So far, it is going very well.

Faith really enjoys school. I thought that she would start to complain about getting up early and doing homework, but she hasn’t. She is up early and ready to go each morning. Thankfully, her friend Sally, from gymnastics, ended up in her class. I have gone to eat lunch with Faith twice and I think that all they do is giggle together. It is cute to see. I pray for her daily that she will continue to enjoy school and that God will protect both her body and her mind.

As for the boys, they are doing great. It is so much easier to only homeschool two boys! They do their work without much complaining and play well together the other times. Greyfriars is a co-op and it dictates what we study each week. This keeps me l on track and I don’t have to figure anything out on my own. I am thankfully that we have found a program that works for us.

Now that both boys are both at Greyfriars, I now have Tuesdays all to myself until 3:15pm. It is AMAZING! I have not had a full day to myself in ten years! What do I do with my new found freedoms? I get haircuts, go shopping by myself, read a book, watch Ellen during lunch, and sometimes clean and organize the house. Yesterday I spent three hours organizing the boys toys and getting rid of stuff. It doesn’t sound like fun, but it was very rewarding and helped me to enjoy my house much more.

All is all, I am very pleased with how this year is going so far. I have high hopes!!