A Beautiful Winter Day

I love winter in Charlotte. It is usually only very cold in January and February. Last year it was rarely down to freezing. This year is more of the same, so far. Today it was 70 degrees and beautiful! We did our usual church thing in the morning, came home for lunch, and then went out to play.

Tom took Faith and Wilson on a bike ride down on the Greenway. Faith rode her new big bike and Wilson rode in the buggy behind Toms bike. Faith is just now big enough and strong enough to ride her bike down on the greenway. The path is made of loose rocks and sometime gravel which makes it difficult for young riders. Her new 16 inch bike makes a world of a difference. It takes a lot less pedaling to go the same distance. Today she rode two miles to the playground with Tom.

After Tom left with the older two, I decided to take Miller in the stroller and try to catch up to the others on the greenway. I figured Tom may need some help with Faith and her bike. I still use the double jogging stroller so I that I have some extra space for either a kid or a bike. I arrived just in time. When I found them Tom was trying to get Faith, her bike, and everything else up the big hill to the playground.

We had so much fun! We went up the hill to the playground and stayed for a long time. Miller and Faith went down the slide together, Wilson found a sword to play with, and we went adventuring in the woods. Boyce Park is great in that there are trails throughout the woods. The kids love it.




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