The Wilson Compound

After we left Grandma’s place we headed south about thirty minutes to my Uncle Alan and Aunt Betty’s house….better known as “The Compound”.  We call it “The Compound” because they live on many, may acres with Betty’s parents, two brothers, and their son, Merritt’s, family.  I love it there!  I keep telling my parents that I want to live on a compound with them and Lisa’s family.  It is so beautiful there (I should have taken better pictures of it).  There are four houses, two lakes, cows, chickens, a goat, resident ducks, dogs, golf carts, tractors, a swimming pool…. and the list goes on.  It is just so peaceful there.

I love my Uncle Alan.  He has always been my favorite uncle.  I go to him for advice on just about everything.  He is the one that baptized me ten years ago and kept hounding me to change my life for the better.  He is great!

It just so happens that his youngest son, Merritt, got married just before I did, and has three kids about the same ages as mine.  His wife, Kendra, and I have become good friends and our kids love to see each other!  Every time we visit them we are treated like kings!  Alan cooks an amazing meal for us, gives me a glass of wine (even though they never drink), and just makes us feel welcome and at home.  I love it there!

I have to say that the most amazing thing I saw all weekend was six-year-old Anna driving the golf cart from Alan’s house to her own house (about a 1/4 of a mile) to get their bikes.  She drove it all alone and did an amazing job!  I just stared and laughed.  That is farm life, I guess.

Last night the kids helped Alan and Betty make the pizza.



Anna taught Wilson how to put the flour on his face….a “must do!” when baking!



After dinner (and the bonfire), tradition states that Kendra take Wilson and Faith over to her house for a slumber party.  Kendra rocks!  She had five kids sleeping over at her house for the night!  They get to watch a movie and stay up very late!  Here is Faith, Caroline, Anna, and Wilson20130303-211016.jpg


On Sunday morning we all hung out, ate pancakes and then went to see the cows and chickens.  They currently have three heifers and two calves.  I asked Miller, “Want to take a picture with Mommy and the cows?”  He immediately said, “cheese!!”



Wilson getting the eggs….



I am so blessed to have such an amazing extended family.  I know that I can go see people who love me, love my kids, take care of us, and encourage me in my walk as a mother and a child of God.

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