Miller at 16 months

Miller is really growing up. He wants to do everything that the older kids do. He no longer wants to sit in his high chair. He only wants to sit in the booster that he sees the big kids sit in. Today he wanted to ride on the front of the stroller while holding on to the tray, like he sees the older two doing. He sits on the couch like a big kid, stands up on a stool like a big kid, uses a tv tray in the floor, and even wants to ride the tricycle fast like a big kid.

He is growing up in other ways as well. In February he got both of his lower molars and another lower front tooth. He can say: yea, bowl, ball, eat, Daddy, uh-oh, hi, Mamma, more, eye, bock-bock like a chicken, and bark like a dog. He can stick out his tongue when asked, “where is your tongue?” and will point to your eye and say, “eye”. I am truly amazed at his vocabulary and his ability to communicate.

He loves to laugh and play with Faith and Wilson. He will go into the guest room with them, close the door and play whatever they are playing. He carries a golf club around at mom’s house just like everyone else. My dad calls him a “spider monkey”. This is because he clings on to us like a baby monkey. He wraps his legs around our waist and holds on. My little monkey!

He is still small, loves to be held, and loves even more to be breastfed. I thought that would have ended when I went to Colorado for five days. I was only nursing him once or twice a day before I left so I assumed that he wouldn’t really care about if when I came back. Wrong! He pants like a dog when he wants to nurse (it is his own sign language). I guess he got my milk supply back up after my trip because he wants it more than ever. Tom says, “Who wouldn’t!”.

Although my baby is growing up, his is still my baby. I think I cherish this stage of his life so much more because he is my last baby. No more! God told me that we were going to have three kids, but not four. Tom took care of birth control for us this past fall. It feels very strange to know that we won’t have any more kids. Every other January or February I get pregnant, which would be right now, but not this time. It is time to enjoy the three children we have and begin new experiences with them. There are so many more “firsts” to come as they grow up. It will be exciting to see what is next!

Here is Miller sweeping the porch for me…like a big kid!


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