Consignment Sale Season

Here in Charlotte, there are at least six major kid consignment sales during the month of March. Most of these take place at a church or YMCA.  It is a great way for moms to get rid of unnecessary baby items and clothing while making some money at the same time.   Baby products are crazy expensive are most of them are things that you use for a limited amount of time.  Consignments sales are a brilliant idea.  I can sell all the things cluttering up my house and I get to keep 70% of my revenues.  Sometimes I go to the half price sale on Saturday afternoon, if there is something specific that I am looking for.  Faith likes to go so she can buy a cheap toy or dress….which I usually let her do.

This year, I will be consigning my things at the sale down the street at Sardis Presbyterian.  Yesterday I dropped off 152 items to be sold tonight and tomorrow.  I priced everything to sell and hope it all does.  If it doesn’t sell then I will be donating the rest of the items.  Last year I earned $125 and I hope to earn more this year.

I will let you know how it turns out!!


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2 thoughts on “Consignment Sale Season

  1. Becca Dressler Post author

    I just got the report. Sixty items sold for a total of $193. I got to keep 70% of it so I pocketed $135. A little disappointed that only 60 items sold (this in definitely one of the smaller sales in town), but totally worth the effort. Now I can get the tax break for the rest of the stuff that was donated. Pretty good considering most of the stuff was given to me over the years.

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