Grandpa visits

Tom’s dad came to visit for the week. His main motive was to come for Tom’s birthday, but he ended up staying for the week. When he comes over it is like Christmas. He brings the kids toys and backpacks and other small items that he gets along the way. I think that the toys actually used every battery in the house. I guess that it what they usually go towards anyways.

When Tom’s dad, Tom Jr., comes to visit I typically have a nice list of things for him to fix. I always have him sharpen our knives. I think they only get sharpened twice a year when he comes to visit and he has a special knack for sharpening them very well. This time he also fixed our leaky faucet.

On Thursday night I asked him if he would babysit for us. He always says “yes”. Tom and I put Miller to bed and then went out to a local bar that had Tom’s favorite on special: Red Bull and vodkas. Luckily for us, it was also trivia night. Tom impressed me with his “useless knowledge”. I think he answered more questions than I did. I blamed it on his being ten years older. :) Regardless, we were able to relax and have fun together which is always needed in our lives right now.


Before we put Miller to bed that night the kids had “movie night” with Grandpa.  Wilson was always the first to cuddle up to Grandpa.  Miller was right there with the others; he has to have his popcorn bowl just like they do.


On Friday the kids had their final day of Bible camp in our neighborhood. My friend April’s daughters and friends decided that they would make money this summer by putting together a camp for the neighborhood kids. They had a Bible story, crafts, games and snack. It was great! I loved having a little more free time and the kids didn’t want to come home each afternoon because they enjoyed camp so much. On the last day I volunteered to help out for an hour and then the parents all had lunch at April’s house together. Miller stayed home and played with Grandpa for two hours. When I got home they were wrestling on the floor and having a fun time together. It was so cute to walk in and see them playing. I was impressed that Tom was down on the floor with Miller. He said that they had already read book and danced together. What a good Grandpa!

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